Menu: Fat Tuesday Feast

A Fat Tuesday Feast
Menu: A Fat Tuesday Feast
King Cake
King Cake

This traditional cake, made here with a rich brioche dough and stuffed with a decadent cream cheese filling, is drizzled with a buttermilk glaze and sprinkled with crunchy green, gold, and purple sanding sugars.

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  1. There are plenty of drink options for the night's festivities: You can start with sazeracs while your guests nibble appetizers, and then move on to some local New Orleans beer such as Abita's Turbodog to accompany the meal. For dessert, mix up a pitcher of creamy milk punch, or try out some of our other classic drinks from New Orleans.
  2. Making roux is a nuanced and essential technique for making gumbo. If you find yourself struggling with the idea of vigilantly whisking at the the stove for the better part of an hour to make a dark roux, try our oven method.
  3. While King Cake is the centerpiece of any Fat Tuesday feast, it's also good the next morning for breakfast with some creole coffee. If you prefer to order rather than bake this Mardi Gras staple, check out our King cake guide »
  4. For even more Mardi Gras ideas, check out our recipe gallery of New Orleans Classics »

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