Recipes with Chives

We love chives for their delicate onion flavor

We love chives for their delicate onion flavor. They're equally useful as a main ingredient, supporting player, or bright garnish. From dumplings and pizza to soup and salad, we've rounded up our favorite chive recipes.

Oniony but not overpowering, chives pair well with delicate seafood. Mixed with fromage blanc, chives make a spread that can be paired with smoked salmon for an elegant canapé. Or use them to garnish pan-seared cod served with spring vegetables like Rainbow chard, bibb lettuce, and spring peas.

Chives provide a gentle kick that's perfect for brightening up creamy salad dressings. We like to serve a simple red leaf salad with an herbaceous ranch dressing made with buttermilk and yogurt and flavored with chives, parsley, tarragon, thyme, mustard, and dill. Alternatively, dress a butter lettuce and citrus salad with a bright orange crème fraîche spiked with chives.

For the biggest fans of chives, we have recipes that put them front and center. Our spinach, chive, and yogurt soup is refreshing, tangy, beautifully green, and packed with chive flavor. Rather than dressing potato salad with plain mayonnaise, try making a chive mayo by first infusing your oil with chives. It's wonderful on a potato salad with broiled asparagus, hard-cooked eggs, and mint.

Pairing chives with other onions is a great way to build flavor. Our six-onion pizza takes that idea to the extreme—a slightly sweet honey-tinged dough is topped with chives, leeks, shallots, scallions, red onions, and white onions.

Find all of these dishes and more in our collection of chive recipes.

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