A Persian New Year Celebration


Phyllo pastry layered with ground nuts luxuriating in sweet syrup is a centuries-old dessert that now exists in many variations throughout the Middle East and eastern Mediterranean.

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  1. Some of the ingredients in these dishes may be difficult to find outside of specialty stores, but many have substitutes, or can be ordered easily online. Fenugreek leaves, for example, can be replaced with any dark, bitter green. Read more about Iranian ingredients in The Persian Pantry.
  2. Iranian baklava, called baghlava, differs slightly from other versions made throughout the Middle East. Add rosewater and swap cardamom for cinnamon if you're looking for a more authentically Persian flavor.
  3. For a traditional drink to accompany this meal, you can prepare doogh, an Iranian beverage made from yogurt, water, and mint. Combine 2 cups yogurt, 2 cups still or carbonated water, salt and dried mint to taste, and ice.
  4. For additional Iranian dishes, browse our gallery of Iranian recipes. And for more about Nowruz and its traditions, see Farideh Sadeghin's story Nowruz: A New Day.

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