Menu: A Summer Market Dinner

Pesto Focaccia

This version of Liguria’s famed focaccia comes to us from Biagia Settepani, chef and co-owner of Pasticceria Bruno in New York City. See the recipe for Pesto Focaccia »

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  1. Make the ice cream the day before so it has a chance to harden in the freezer overnight.
  2. The dough for the focaccia needs to sit for three hours; start it early and plan to have the dough ready for baking about an hour before dinner.
  3. Most supermarkets won't carry squash blossoms due to their high perishability, but farmers' markets and gourmet food stores offer them throughout the summer. Look for flowers that are tightly closed and avoid those that are limp or discolored. Since the blossoms have a short shelf life, use them within a day of purchase. Rinse them and store them in the fridge, wrapped loosely in paper towels until ready for use. Be sure to remove the stamens before working with them.
  4. Get the perfect char on your rib eye by cooking it for 15–20 minutes on the hottest part of the grill, then finishing it on the cooler side—about 25–30 minutes more for a medium-rare steak. For more essential grilling tips and tricks, see our Grilling 101 guide »

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