Whether it’s Peruvian, Mexican, or Fijian, ceviche is one of our all-time favorite dishes. Essentially seafood marinated in citrus (or vinegar in Fiji), it’s a refreshing no-cook dish to make year round, but especially in the summer when the last thing you want to do is turn on the oven or stove. It can be made with tuna, salmon, white fish, shrimp, squid, lobster—pretty much anything you can find fresh at the seafood counter. Served with tortilla chips or crispy quinoa, or atop crunchy tostadas, ceviche makes an outstanding appetizer or light meal. Here, we’ve collected our 9 best ceviche recipes.


Fijian Ceviche

Fijian Ceviche

Japanese-Style Tuna Ceviche with Togarashi and Radish

Depending on how the fish is cut, this dish falls between a ceviche and a tiradito, a Japanese-Peruvian (or Nikkei) invention similar to ceviche, in which the fish is thinly sliced like sashimi. Nikkei-style preparations such as this often feature Japanese ingredients like soy sauce, togarashi, and sesame oil. Get the recipe for Japanese-Style Tuna Ceviche with Togarashi and Radish »

Salmon Ceviche with Avocado and Mango

The combination of salmon and avocado, which Peruvians call palta, is still more common as a maki roll in Lima’s sushi bars than it is in the city’s cevicherías, but it’s growing in popularity. Ravenna adds firm-ripe mango for its sweetness and acidity to harmonize with the rich, fatty avocado. Get the recipe for Salmon Ceviche with Avocado and Mango »

Lobster Ceviche with Limestone Lettuce

This recipe, which came from noted chef Nobu Matsuhisa, is typical of the cross-cultural innovations that made him such a success. Get the recipe for Lobster Ceviche with Limestone Lettuce »

Baja Ceviche Tostadas

Baja Ceviche Tostadas

Grapefruit and Seafood Ceviche

Grapefruit juice, fiery jalapeño, and fragrant ginger transform shrimp, scallops, and calamari into an aromatic, spicy salad. Get the recipe »