Mother’s Day Breakfast

Our favorite spring breakfast recipes, perfect for indulging Mom with this Mother’s Day.

Baked Eggs

Baked eggs (sometimes called shirred eggs) are a simple, hearty breakfast. See the recipe for Baked Eggs »

Kohlrabi and Watercress Salad

For a twist on the classic Waldorf salad, try tossing sweet apples with crisp watercress and nutty kohlrabi in a sumac-infused yogurt dressing.

“Everything” Potato Galette with Lox and Creme Fraiche

“Everything” Potato Galette with Lox and Creme Fraiche

Strawberry-Buttermilk Fōnuts

This recipe is from Waylynn Lucas’ Los Angeles-based baked donut shop called Fōnuts. Get the recipe for Strawberry-Buttermilk Fōnuts »

Caramel Apple Strata

A rich bread pudding served with vanilla cream sauce makes for an equally indulgent breakfast or dessert. See the recipe for Caramel Apple Strata »

Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce

Asparagus covered with luscious, full-flavored hollandaise is a simple yet satisfying vegetarian side-dish. ** See the recipe for Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce »**

Grilled Peaches with Honey-Almond Streusel

These succulent grilled peaches are topped with almond flour streusel and drizzled with acacia honey, a sweet, unexpected treat for dessert or brunch. Get the recipe for Grilled Peaches with Honey-Almond Streusel »

Classic Eggs Benedict

Slivers of bacon create a pleasing taste and textural contrast in this classic French bistro salad. ** See the recipe for Classic Eggs Benedict »**

Ricotta and Honey Sandwich

A dollop of ricotta on earthy-sweet oat bread is delicious; add a drizzle of sourwood honey and it’s elevated to the exquisite. (For a bit of sophisticated heat, top with a sprinkle of freshly-crushed red pepper flakes.)

Belgian Waffles

Surprise mom with crispy waffles, topped with her favorite berries or fruit. ** See the recipe for Belgian Waffles » **

Yogurt Parfait with Vanilla-Rhubarb Compote

Vanilla-infused rhubarb, salty nutty granola, and cool tart yogurt make for a refreshing and satisfying breakfast.

Angel Food Cupcakes with Lemon Mascarpone Frosting

These cupcakes are the perfect spring or summer treat–light and airy angel food cake is topped with a tangy lemon-mascarpone frosting and garnished with fresh berries. Get the recipe for Angel Food Cupcakes with Lemon Mascarpone Frosting »
Breakfast sausage is the perfect sweet and spicy addition to a brunch menu. See the recipe for Breakfast Sausage Patties »


A luscious take on the bellini, the Rossini swaps strawberries in for white peaches and prosecco in for champagne. Get the recipe for Rossini »

Lemon Lavender Fizz

The juniper-scented undertones of gin play off nicely against the sweetness of a lavender simple syrup. Stirred with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and topped with club soda, it’s a perfect springtime drink. Lemon Lavender Fizz »