See the Recipe. Mary Ellen Bartley

These retro appetizers are oldies but goodies. SAVEUR magazine has the recipes for 13 never out of style favorites from fondue to crab rangoon.


Set the stage

Warm, rich, and delightfully creamy-the fondue craze of the 1970s is back! Get the Recipe »

Cheddar Cheese Log

This retro hors d’oeuvre is among the many recipes Ella Fitzgerald marked in her copy of James Beard’s American Cookery (Little, Brown, 1972). Get the recipe for Cheddar Cheese Log »

Cheese Straws

Serve these clever little appetizers instead of bread at lunchtime or for supper. Get the recipe for Cheese Straws »

Shanghai Chicken Wings

These Asian-inspired chicken wings are equally delicious when served as part of a pupu platter or as an appetizer on their own. Get the recipe for Shanghai Chicken Wings »


Bacon-wrapped bites of chicken liver and water chestnuts were ubiquitous on pupu platters in the mid-20th century. See the recipe for Rumaki»

Crab Rangoon

An adaptation of the fried wonton, crab rangoon is one of the most enduringly popular appetizers at the posh Polynesian restaurant chain Trader Vic’s. Get the recipe for Crab Rangoon »

Cheese Crackers

In Charleston, South Carolina, tins of these savory little homemade crackers are a popular hostess gift, usually to be served with cocktails. We recommend using the best quality cheese available. Get the recipe for Cheese Crackers »

Stuffed Mushrooms

These pillowy mushrooms surprise those who eat them with flavors that turn from delicately sweet to sharp. Get the recipe for Stuffed Mushrooms »

Hickory House Deviled Eggs

We add mashed potato to the filling of this traditional hors d’oeuvre to help bind it. Get the recipe for Hickory House Deviled Eggs »

Prosciutto Rolls

In Savannah, Georgia, elaborate parties are a winter holiday tradition. We found these delicious rolls while attending one such soiree. Our hosts, Jim Burke and Doug Orr, garnished the dish with parsley and pyrocanthus berries, but please note that the latter, while pretty, are toxic. Get the recipe for Prosciutto Rolls »

Bacon Wrapped Dates with Almonds

These simple, hyper-flavorful appetizers, which balance salty crisp bacon with sweet chewy dates, with a rich almond center, are a popular bar snack at the Red Cat in New York City. Served piled high on a plate, they’re a perfect cocktail-party finger food. Get the recipe for Bacon Wrapped Dates with Almonds »