This recipe comes from a true Kentuckian, Rena McClure, who has lived there her whole life. She doesn't fuss over her turkey and doesn't bake her dressing in the bird; instead, she cooks it in a baking dish alongside. Kentuckians generally don't put sugar into their corn bread, and, like most Southerners, they use white cornmeal, never yellow. Also, tradition calls for baking it in a cast-iron skillet. Rena, who has been making corn bread since she was a child, measures most ingredients by handfuls and scoops. See the recipe for Thanksgiving Roast Turkey with Corn Bread Dressing ». Christopher Hirsheimer

SAVEUR magazine shows you how to make turkey and gravy with these moist and delicious turkey recipes for a memorable holiday meal.

Bouchon Roast Turkey

Braised Turkey in Green Mole

Deconstructed turkey braised in a refreshing green mole provides a light and quick alternative to the standard Thanksgiving bird. Get the recipe for Braised Turkey in Green Mole »

Roast Turkey with Madeira Truffle Butter

This recipe yields a Thanksgiving turkey that is moist, delicious, and a perfect foil for inventive accompaniments, such as our Madeira-Truffle Butter, Multicultural Stuffing, and Rich Gravy recipes. Just garnish the bird with a few sprigs of fresh herbs before servings, and you’ve got the makings of a lovely holiday dinner. Get the recipe for Roast Turkey with Madeira Truffle Butter »

Turkey with Sauerkraut, Riesling, and Pork Sausages

Turkey soaks up aromatic flavors like a sponge, and this riff on the Alsatian dish choucroute garnie is a case in point: as the bird roasts under a cloak of bacon and braises in sauerkraut, wine, apples, and a bundle of spices, it takes on the piney fragrance of juniper berries, the fruity flavor of the riesling wine, and some of the smokiness and savor of the pork. Serve this dish with the traditional choucroute accompaniments: sausages, boiled potatoes, and tangy mustard. Get the recipe for Turkey with Sauerkraut, Riesling, and Pork Sausages »

Roast Turkey with Madeira Truffle Butter

The tried-and-true Thanksgiving bird provides a feast for family and friends alike. See the recipe for Roast Turkey with Madeira Truffle Butter »

Time to eat

After 20 minutes in a 450° oven, the meatballs are browned on top and cooked through. Eat them as they are, or top with some leftover gravy. Or make the ultimate Thanksgiving sandwich! Back to the recipe for Gobble Gobble Balls »

Turkey Confit

Curing and cooking turkey legs and wings in duck fat-a technique the French call confit-renders them succulent. See the recipe for Turkey Confit »

Gluten-Free Gravy

Potato starch replaces flour as the thickener in a rich brown gravy that’s great with roasted turkey. Get the recipe for Gluten-Free Gravy »

Turkey Pan Gravy

Make this gravy using the drippings that remain in the pan after you’ve cooked the roast turkey. For additional flavor, add to the finished pan gravy any juices that accumulate on the platter as the turkey rests. Get the recipe for Turkey Pan Gravy »

Sage-Brined Roast Turkey with Oyster Dressing

New York City chef Jonathan Waxman gave us this recipe for a sage-infused roast turkey with a dressing that brims with wild rice, hazelnuts, and oysters. Get the recipe for Sage-Brined Roast Turkey with Oyster Dressing »

Brined and Roasted Turkey

Brining turkeys has become de rigueur in many American households. How does it work? Soaking the bird in a salty brine causes it to absorb some of the seasoned liquid, which breaks down the proteins and seals in flavor and moisture. See the recipe for Brined and Roasted Turkey »

Grilled Turkey

This recipe for grilling a whole turkey—a method that yields a smoky flavor and crisp skin while freeing up oven space for side dishes—comes from Barbara Ries of San Rafael, California. Grilling works the best with a bird that’s been soaked in a brine solution overnight. Get the recipe for Grilled Turkey »

Chile-Rubbed Roast Turkey

We’ve tried many roasting methods over the years, but the one Susana Trilling uses to make the chile-rubbed turkey she serves at her Thanksgiving feast in Oaxaca, Mexico, really stands out. An hour into roasting, Trilling flips the turkey so that the breast is on the bottom. The result is juicy white meat and meltingly tender legs and thighs.

Herbed Roast Turkey

Brushing a simple herb butter over the turkey before and during cooking is a straightforward, time-honored way of achieving great flavor and crisp skin. See the recipe for Herbed Roast Turkey »