Raspberry-Rhubarb Spritz

Homemade raspberry syrup makes a wonderful foil for aromatic rhubarb liqueur and bitter Campari in this spritz. Get the recipe for Raspberry-Rhubarb Spritz »

Italicus Spritz

Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto, an Italian liqueur made from rose petals and bergamot, is the star of this citrusy, aromatic spritz. Get the recipe for Italicus Spritz »
This spritz strikes the perfect balance between bitter and sweet, thanks to the combination of liqueurs—gentian, Calvados, and rhubarb—and a splash of raspberry vinegar. Get the recipe for Herbal Spritz

Garden Spritz

Slightly sweet bianco vermouth balances out the bitter gentian liqueur in this easy spritz. Get the recipe for Garden Spritz »

Cappelletti Spritz

The citrus peel notes in Cappelletti Aperitivo are enhanced by the grapefruit twist used to garnish this spritz. Get the recipe for Cappelletti Spritz »

Rosé All Day

A papaya shrub, easily made weeks in advance, adds earthy sweet-and-sour notes to this playful prosecco sparkler.


Found all over Italy, the spritz is a classically Venetian cocktail of prosecco mixed with a bitter aperitif and soda water.