7 Sweet-Tart Lime Desserts, from Ice Cream to Pie and Beyond

Step aside, lemon—it's time for lime to shine

Kaffir Lime Gelato
Makrud lime leaves bring an unexpected floral and herbaceous flavor to sweet and creamy gelato. Get the recipe for Makrud Lime Gelato »Laura Sant
Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie

Condensed milk and Key lime juice serve as the base of this Floridian classic. Get the recipe for Key Lime Pie »Maxime Iattoni
Brown Butter Thumbprints with Lime Curd
Nutty browned butter enlivens and permeates these shortbread thumbprints, filled with tangy lime curd, for a warm, sour flavor often absent from overly-sweet holiday desserts. Get the recipe for Brown Butter Thumbprints with Lime Curd »Helen Rosner
Coconut Lime Custard Pie
This cream-topped pie is filled with a thick coconut milk custard that perfectly complements the zip of fresh lime juice and grated zest. Get the recipe for Coconut Lime Custard Pie »Andrew Ingalls
Lime Bars

Lime Bars

A light dusting of confectioners' sugar tempers the intense lime pucker of these creamy bars. Get the recipe for Lime Bars »Helen Rosner
Coconut Lime Preserves
Rich coconut milk and tangy lime meld in a sweet tropical spread from Stéphane Mazières, former chef at Hôtel Le Toiny in St. Barths. Get the recipe for Coconut Lime Preserves »Michael Kraus
Key Lime Curd
Punchy key lime curd is delicious spread on breakfast toast, dolloped onto cake, or slathered between graham crackers. Get the recipe for Key Lime Curd »Helen Rosner