Ripe plums in the icebox signal the coming of autumn, when peaches peter out of our fruit bowls to be replaced by the deep purple stone fruit. This time of year, they’re juicy enough to be eaten fresh, baked into pies and crisps, or simmered into jams. 

In many cultures, plums symbolize hope and strength. Japanese umeboshi are tucked into onigiri (rice balls). Li hing mui from China are popular crack seed store snacks in Honolulu and, in powdered form, a sweet-tart addition to tropical cocktails. In the Balkans, locals sip slivovitz, a plum-based spirit that is especially revered in Serbia, where it’s the quintessential toast on Slava, the Orthodox Christian feast day honoring each family’s patron saint. Pickled plums are an essential ingredient in chamoy, the Mexican condiment drizzled on fruit cups, paletas, and mangonadas. Plums also pair beautifully with roasted meats, and add tartness to salads. And who can resist the damsons baked into pies and other sweet, syrupy treats?   

These are our favorite plum recipes—the ones we sip, bake, and brûlée whenever we’re feeling (or want to feel) plummy.

Plum Galette

Plum Galette
Photography by Anna Kovel

This rustic tart adapted from Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse Café Cookbook calls for a combination of plums and pluots (fragrant apricot-plum hybrids), but it’s equally comforting when made with one or the other stone fruit. Get the recipe >

Plum Shrub

Plum Shrub Recipe Plum Recipes
Photography by Thomas Payne

Add a splash of this tart liqueur by Girl Meets Dirt founder Audra Lawlor to any fizzy seltzer, or to a tequila-lime cooler. Get the recipe >

Rye Crêpes with Black Plum Flambée

Plum Crepes on Purple Plate
Photography by Belle Morizio

In this old-school dessert, barrel-aged plum eau-de-vie infuses the caramelized fruit, which is set ablaze and spooned over warm rye crêpes. Get the recipe >

Brûléed Plums with Armagnac Custard

Brûléed Italian Plums with Armagnac Custard
Photography by Farideh Sadeghin

Tiny Italian plums have a dark-berry sweetness that pairs wonderfully with this simple, French-inspired Armagnac custard. Get the recipe >

Peach and Plum Salad

Peach and Plum Salad
Photography by Marcus Nilsson

Red wine vinegar balances the sweetness of ripe peaches and plums in this easy fruit salad. Try it with finger-licking fried chicken. Get the recipe >

Plum Pie

Plum Pie for plum recipes
Photography by James Roper

The secret to author Wendy Drummond’s prize-winning pie is good old-fashioned grape jelly. The gooey filling is intensely sweet, just right with a dollop of ice cream. Get the recipe >

Plum and Raspberry Jam

Plum and Raspberry Jam
Photography by Camilla Wynne

This delicate preserve redolent of mulling spices is adapted from a recipe by Camilla Wynne’s Jam Bake: Inspired Recipes for Creating and Baking with Preserves. Get the recipe >

Roast Duck with Plums

Roast Duck with Plums
Photography by Ingalls Photography

A rich plum sauce infused with cloves and cinnamon enlivens crisp roast duck in this Bavarian-style recipe. Get the recipe >

Fig, Plum and Prosciutto Salad

Fig, Plum, and Prosciutto Salad with Kaltbach Le Crémeux Cheese
Photogrpahy by SAVEUR Editors

This recipe layers ripe figs and plums with Hungarian sonka, a hammy cousin to prosciutto, and creamy Emmi Kaltbach Le Crémeux cheese. Get the recipe >

Plum Blackberry Lattice Pie

Blackberry Plum Lattice Pie
Photography by Belle Morizio

Instead of standard vanilla, use fragrant almond extract as a flavor booster in this classic fruit pie. Get the recipe >

Pickled Stone Fruit and Burrata Flatbread

Pickled Stone Fruit and Burrata Flatbread
Photography by Michael Turek

Schilling Restaurant and Bar is locally famous for this Austrian-style grilled flatbread stacked with pickled peaches and plums. Get the recipe >