Crêpes. Matt Taylor-Gross

Springy Breakfast Pizza


Pizza with Ramps, Morels, and Eggs

Pizza with Ramps, Morels, and Eggs

A couple times this past week our test kitchen director, Farideh Sadeghin, “patiently” taught me how to make homemade pizza. This weekend I’ll be perfecting my pizzeria skills with her recipe for breakfast pizza with morels and ramps. And I’ll be drinking these classic and citrusy cocktails to help my nerves as I throw dough up in the air. — Matt Taylor-Gross, Staff photographer

Chinese Takeout, Out of the Box


​Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken

Weekend plans: staying home and catching up on my favorite TV shows (current fave: Last Man on Earth). Instead of ordering in Chinese, I’ll attack all the random jars of Asian ingredients in my fridge and pantry, and make ants climbing a tree and kung pao chicken. Who knows, I might even make some Sichuan pork wontons if I’m feeling really crazy. — Farideh Sadeghin, Test kitchen director

A New Favorite Cocktail


Cinnamon and Honey Scotch Sour

A spicy-sweet take on the typical sour.

With weather finally conducive to more than huddling at home under blankets, I’m keeping my home cooking project expectations pretty low. But I can make cocktail syrup, spiced with cinnamon and warmed through with honey, then do this lovely Scotch sour, while still getting plenty of this fresh air everyone seems to be so big on. — Max Falkowitz, Senior digital editor

Jacques Torres’ Crêpes




Somehow, I can’t avoid making crepes at least once a week. After watching SAVEUR’s crêpe tutorial with Jacques Torres, I’m trying his basic crêpes with browned-butter this weekend. I’ll be squeezing a lemon over the finished product, possibly adding a few leaves of fresh basil, and garnishing with coarse granulated sugar and toasted almond slices. — Quincy DeYoung, Editorial Intern

Spicy Scrambled Eggs

For being my favorite meal of the day, breakfast during the week usually takes the form of an uninspired bowl of yogurt and granola or steel-cut oats with dates, almonds, and cinnamon, which I shovel into my mouth before running out the door to catch the subway. After rediscovering my love of eggs for breakfast while in Oaxaca a few weeks ago (seriously, do you see these?), I’ve been on the egg (and Mexican food) train. So, obvious breakfast choice: Mexican-style scrambled eggs. — Amanda Arnold, Assistant digital editor

The Fluffiest Pancakes

After shipping our latest issue on Friday, I’m thinking the most ambitious cooking project I can manage will be homemade pancakes for Sunday morning. A little seltzer in these babies make them light and fluffy, and yogurt adds tang. If my ambition level goes up, I may even warm up my maple syrup pre-drench. — Sophie Brickman, Features editor

Fully Loaded Breakfast Tacos


Fully Loaded Breakfast Tacos

The fully loaded breakfast taco has avocado, salty cheese, creamy eggs, and crisp bacon.

Tacos for breakfast. In my homeland, Texas, we call them breakfast tacos—eggs, tortillas (I use corn), and lots of cilantro and cheese. They’re a regular at my apartment and this weekend will be no exception. — Jessica Glavin, Digital director

Light (But Flavor-Rich) Beef Broth


Beef Broth with Liver Dumplings and Saffron

This dish is known in Slovenia as “Sunday soup,” a reference to the long simmering time it takes to extract flavor from beef bones for the broth. Get the recipe for Beef Broth with Liver Dumplings and Saffron »

Weekends are for kitchens humming with slow-simmering broths. Saturday mornings are perfect for skimming the marrow muck off the tops of soup pots. This light, saffron-infused beef broth is perfect for wishers of colder weather and owners of defunct AC units. — Nissan Haque, Web production assistant

A Green Galette

I’m planning a boozy brunch for Easter, complete with mango mimosas and an overly idealistic sun hat. I’m most excited to make this leek and zucchini galette—its lemon-scented ricotta filling is sublime. — Allie Wist, Associate art director

The Perfect Easter Cocktail


The Charleston Fizz

The floral flavor of gin is a natural match for bright grapefruit and elderflower liqueur in a refreshing cocktail. Fresh tarragon adds an aromatic, peppery anise note.

As I venture upstate to celebrate Easter with my family, the childhood tradition of coloring eggs is about to become a bit more boozy. Rather than serving typical mimosas, I plan to make the Charleston Fizz, a perfect holiday brunch cocktail filled with gin, grapefruit and elderflower flavors. Plus the pastel tones will compliment the colored eggs well for that ideal Easter Sunday Instagram post. — Michelle Heimerman, Photo editor