8 Easy Recipe Ideas for Blackberry Season and Beyond

From puddings to pies to slumps to shrubs, these are our favorite ways to use up a bumper crop of berries.

bySAVEUR Editors| UPDATED Aug 22, 2022 4:23 PM
8 Easy Recipe Ideas for Blackberry Season and Beyond
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In much of North America, blackberries appear with the first crisp apples. The juicy berries add a sweet-tart note to cake, cobbler, and jelly recipes and turn cocktails a deep purple hue. 

A cousin of the raspberry, the blackberry is mentioned in recipes as early as the 17th century: In Pharmacopoeia Londinensis, they went into medicinal cordials and fruit wines. Thanks to modern cultivation and hybridization, you can now get plump blackberries year round, even if thornless commercial varieties like Black Pearl and Nightfall are less flavorful than the prickly ones you have to hunt and gather yourself. 

Speaking of hand-picking, we’ve selected a few of our favorite blackberry recipes from the archives to inspire you during peak ripeness: They work marvelously year round with frozen and off-peak berries as well. 

Summer Salmon with Blueberry-Wine Sauce

A tart, deep purple sauce made from red wine and fresh blackberries cuts through salmon’s oily richness in this stovetop recipe. Get the recipe >

Blackberry Flummery

Flummery is an old-fashioned British pudding. Topped with mounds of whipped cream, it’s a light and comforting dessert best served chilled. Get the recipe >

Plum-Blackberry Pie

This pie recipe and technique—from chef Laurent Gras and writer Mitchell Davis—can be adapted to use just about any summer fruit that you like. Get the recipe >

Goldsmith’s Daughter

This summer sipper from The Dead Rabbit pub highlights muddled blackberries, mint, and a whisper of Connemara Irish whiskey. Get the recipe >

Blackberry Pie

Lemon and nutmeg give this pie’s berry filling a kick of zest and spice. Get the recipe >

Blackberry Slump

Slump is a New England term for a biscuit cobbler. Here, the fruit’s purple nectar bubbles up deliciously through the crumb topping. Get the recipe >

Blackberry Rum Shrub

This classic fruit syrup adds a hint of dark sweetness to a rum-based cocktail. Get the recipe >

Black and Blue Berry Pie

Tapioca pearls tame the oozy juices of this mixed-berry pie. Get the recipe >