One Ingredient Many Ways: Heavy Cream

As pure as fresh snow and thick as a pair of wool socks, heavy cream belongs to the winter. During this hunker-down, fatten-up season when our hibernation instincts kick-in, indulging in heavy cream seems almost biologically justified. Not convinced? Have another spoonful of freshly whipped cream—that ought to do it.

In the extended season of holiday excess that begins with Thanksgiving's belt-loosening and ends with earnest diet resolutions in the new year, whipped cream is the crowning fluff of decadence on top of cakes, pies, and trifles. (Looking to up the already over-the-top ante? Add a glug of whiskey while whipping!) In its un-whipped state, heavy cream also enhances sweet and savory dishes alike, from pureed soups and vegetable gratins to panna cotta and a rich and rustic maple sugar pie.


Cream-Soaked White Bread with Maple Sugar
It is hard to think of a simpler or more decadent dessert than this cream and maple syrup-drenched delicacy.

Decadent Trifle
Heavy cream appears twice in this richly layered dessert: in the gingerbread cake that serves as a base, and the boozy syllabub topping.

Stout Ice Cream
Heavy cream provides a sturdy base for a luscious, beer-flavored ice cream.

Hominy Porridge
Hominy gets soaked in heavy cream, milk (regular and the sweetened condensed variety) and coconut milk, resulting in a silky porridge fit for dessert.

Oatmeal Lace Cookies
Oats, heavy cream, butter, and vanilla combine in these lacey cookies.

Whiskey Cream
Irish whiskey and sugar dress up adults-only whipped cream.

Red Wine Jelly with Whipped Cream
Anise-flavored red wine jelly pairs perfectly with gently whipped cream.

Banoffee Pie Classic
Whipped heavy cream and grated chocolate shavings top lusciously creamy banana pie.

Maple Sugar Pie
This rustic pie is filled with heavy cream sweetened with maple sugar.

Raspberry Brulee
Raspberries get folded into sweetened whipped heavy cream in a take on classic creme brulee.


This French-inspired potato leek soup is thickened with heavy cream and served chilled.

Cream of Watercress Soup
Watercress' deep green color is lightened with copious amounts of heavy cream for a rich soup.

Mexico Avocado Soup
Serve serrano chile-spiked cream and avocado soup with a sprinkling of chopped tomatoes.

Cream of Tomato Soup
A classic tomato soup is enriched with heavy cream and topped with croutons and chives.

Creamed Onion Gratin
Soften yellow onions in a custardy mix of heavy cream and cheese.

Fennel Baked in Cream
Fennel grows tender and mild in a bath of cream.

Red Cabbage Gratin
This purple-hued gratin is impossibly rich and delicious—the perfect decadent treat for the holidays.

Tagliatelle with Poppy Seeds
Heavy cream and crunchy poppy seeds add depth and crunch to a simple pasta dish.

Warm Salmon Filets with Fennel Emulsion and Provencal Olive Oil
Flavored with heavy cream, pastis and fish stock, these filets go way beyond your typical salmon dinner.

Savory Scones
A full cup of heavy cream goes into these golden-brown savory scones. Dress them up by stirring mushrooms, cheese, and caramelized onions into the batter.

Nieman Marcus Chicken Salad
The department store classic gets its exceptionally creamy flavor by swapping out some of the mayo for whipped heavy cream.

Kolrabju Salati (Kohlrabi Salad)
This creamy slaw combines kohlrabi and grated apple with farmer's cheese and heavy cream.


Irish Coffee
This warm, after-dinner drink is topped with a cap of whipped heavy cream.

Maple Vodka and Espresso Dessert Cocktail
There is nothing subtle about a sweet, creamy, vodka-spiked cocktail.