Who Needs Turkey? Recipes for a Vegetarian Thanksgiving

In the story True Harvest in Issue #142, vegetarian chef Linda Monastra explores the tradition of the meat-free Thanksgiving, and hosts her first completely meatless meal. Though planning a menu that embodied Thanksgiving's ideals of sharing and gratitude without the holiday bird that symbolises it all was a challenge, the resulting menu was a resounding success: "...We sat down at the table laden with dish upon meat-free dish. The buzz of conversation lapsed into satisfied murmurs as our guests tucked into their food. I watched my crowd dig happily into the vegetable patties and the cranberry chutney, the tempeh and the pilaf and the gratin, and felt the warmth of the occasion. Even without the bird, the meal was complete."

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For writer Richard Bolster, the drink of choice for Thankgsiving is beer -- the yeasty, malty brew goes great with generously spiced fall foods, and we figure if it was good enough for the pilgrims, it's good enough for us. With the Appetizers Serve flutes of Orval Trappist Ale (330ml; $5.99), a tripel-style ale from a Trappist Cistercian monastery in southwest Belgium, to start the meal. Its sage, pear, and apple notes meld with a winter squash and apple soup, and its champagnelike effervescence and refreshingly dry finish always make it a wonderful aperitif. See the recipe for Winter Squash and Apple Soup »

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