An Italian Summer Celebration

Corzetti Pasta with Dried Mushroom Ragù
Corzetti Pasta with Dried Mushroom Ragù

Veal stock adds savory flavor to coin-shaped pasta in a rich mushroom sauce.

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  1. Start a day ahead when preparing this menu; for the vitello tonnato, a classic Italian dish, it's important to braise the veal slowly and give it time to chill overnight. If you like, you can roll out the dough for the peach tart and refrigerate it overnight, as well.
  2. Since zucchini blossoms have a short shelf life, buy them immediately before you plan to use them. Be sure to remove the stamens before working with them. See a brief guide to sourcing and cooking with squash blossoms »
  3. Piedmont is home to some great wines, so we've suggested bottles to go along with each dish. Read more about our wine pairings »
  4. Cheeses of Piedmont make a perfect start or end to the meal. Read about some of our favorites »
  5. The Americano, a summery mix of Campari, sweet vermouth, and soda water, makes a refreshing aperitivo to sip while your guests arrive. Check out our collection of Italian-inspired cocktails for other drink ideas.
  6. Inspired to take a trip to Piedmont? For our recommendations on where to eat and stay, see our travel guide »
  7. For even more recipes from the region, see our gallery »

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