Green Monster

For a vibrant drink that’s excellent with spicy foods, try floral, tropical passion fruit juice paired with white rum and cool mint. Get the recipe for Green Monster »

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  1. Floral, tropical passion fruit juice pairs with white rum and cool mint in the Green Monster, a vibrant drink based on a Costa Rican cocktail. It’s a great pair for the spices in the main dishes; mix up several pitchers of it ahead of time so your guests can enjoy it throughout the meal. For more cocktails that are easily scaled up for a crowd, see our collection of pitcher cocktails.
  2. Start the wings the morning of the cookout; they need to sit at least four hours in the spice mix before grilling.
  3. Get a perfect crust on your steak without overcooking it by starting it on the hottest part of the grill, then moving it to a cooler area to finish cooking. See our guide to grilling steak for more grilling tips.
  4. Split the shortcake in half and grill it briefly before assembling for a warm contrast against the cool berries and cream. To keep the crumbly cake from falling into the grill, place it on tin foil or a non-stick grill mat.
  5. For more sweets that make the most of summer berries, see our collection of berry desserts.