Our 28 Best North African Recipes for Terrific Tagines and Then Some

All the best things to eat between the Sahara and the Mediterranean

By SAVEUR Editors

Published on April 30, 2018

Traditional North African food draws inspiration from the culinary traditions of Europe, Africa, and the Arab Middle East. From the rich tagines of Morocco to the harissa-spiced dishes of Tunisia, the sea-meets-desert cuisine offers of wealth of hearty, comforting, and complex meals worth getting to know.

Harissa is a rich, garlicky chile paste hailing from Tunisia that serves as a base for dishes across North Africa. You can buy prepared versions, but it's easy to make at home. One of our best stew recipes calls on harissa to amp up earthy lamb and cauliflower.

French colonialism in the region is apparent in its food: take for example the Tunisian sandwich casse-croute tunisien, an obvious example of French cooking, being essentially a classic pan bagnat with the addition of harissa. The influence reverse-migrated way too: today, you can find all manner of North African fare in France, such as couscous royale, the common celebratory dish of fluffy couscous lavished with a hefty mountain of assorted meats.

To help you take a brief tour without leaving your kitchen, we've rounded up our favorite North African recipes.

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