18 Recipes for Prosciutto Lovers

From topping pasta to wrapping around roasts, here are 18 of the best ways to eat one of Italy’s favorite salty hams

By SAVEUR Editors

Published on December 3, 2018

Prosciutto is like the gateway drug into Italian charcuterie. This rosy, delicate, and perfumey dry-cured ham—usually served thinly sliced with thin ribbons of fat still contained—is found in several regions across Italy where it graces the center of sandwiches and becomes the inevitable focal point of antipasti boards. But there is so much more to this marvelous ham than eating it on its own. Crisped up, it adds texture and flavor when tied around roasts or stuffed under chicken skin. Chopped into cubes it can fill calzones, top pasta, or stuff tortellini. It can be layered onto crostini, mixed into vegetables, or tossed into shellfish dishes. And that’s just the beginning. Any way you slice it, this perfect Italian product is one you’ll want to stock in your deli drawer on the regular. Here are our 18 favorite dishes that show its range.

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