16 Mexican Styled Breakfast Recipes

Our favorite Mexican breakfasts are rich, spicy, and invigorating

Mexican food is one of the most exciting and flavorful cuisines from around the world. And what better meal to experience the fantastic food than breakfast? The rich and filling huevos rancheros is a classic that makes an extravagant breakfast on the weekends. The egg, bean and tortilla dish is a favorite, and you can even top it with some tomatillo salsa, or whip together a side of the best refried beans to make it a feast. If you like to have sweets for breakfast, drop the pancakes and french toast so you can fry some delicious churros or New Mexican sopapillas. So if you’re bored with your breakfast, spice it up with some of our favorite Mexican breakfasts.

Kay ‘n Dave’s Huevos Rancheros

The recipe for this take on the classic Mexican egg, bean, and tortilla dish comes from chef Alejo Grijalva of Brentwood, California’s Kay ‘n Dave’s restaurant. Get the recipe for Kay ‘n Dave’s Huevos Rancheros »

Mexican Scrambled Eggs

This quick breakfast dish is made a la Mexicana with red tomatoes, white onions, and green jalapeños, ingredients that mirror the colors of the Mexican flag. Get the recipe for Mexican Scrambled Eggs »

Tacos de Papa Hwy 99 (Potato Tacos)

Inspired by the potato tacos at Loncheria Otro Rollo in Bakersfield, CA, this versio is stuffed with fluffy mashed potatoes and pan-fried until crisp. The accompanying smoky ranchero sauce also would be great on meat or fish, or spooned over eggs. Get the recipe for Tacos de Papa Hwy 99 (Potato Tacos) »

Churros con Chocolate Caliente (Mexican Fritters with Hot Chocolate)

Ruben Ortega, a native of Puebla and the pastry chef at Hugo’s in Houston, Texas, shared his recipe for long, fluted fritters, served with thick hot chocolate for dunking. Get the recipe for Churros con Chocolate Caliente (Mexican Fritters with Hot Chocolate) »

New Mexican Sopaipillas

“I remember childhood visits to a restaurant on Albuquerque’s Old Town Plaza. We’d press our noses to the glass as cooks rolled out the dough, cut it into squares or triangles, and plopped them into the vat of hot, bubbling fat, then, that dramatic moment, when the pallid little dough shapes magically inflated and turned golden brown. We’d seize one of the warm puffs of dough, bite off a corner, and drizzle honey into the hollow cavity.” —Cheryl J. Foote, from “Pillows of Bliss” (February 2006) Get the recipe for New Mexican Sopaipillas »


Canned chipotle chiles and chorizo are two of the ingredients that distinguish this central Mexican version of chilaquiles from other regional styles of the dish. Get the recipe for Chilaquiles »

Corn Tamales with Tomatillo Salsa

This salsa verde has a fresh, tangy sourness (and kick of heat if you like) that helps cut through richness. Get the recipe for Corn Tamales with Tomatillo Salsa »

Grilled Mexican-Style Street Corn

Grilled Mexican-Style Street Corn

Tomatillo Salsa with Avocado and Queso Fresco (Salsa de Albañil)

This fruity tomatillo salsa layered with queso fresco and avocado slices can be served as a side dish or as an appetizer with warm tortillas.

Green Salsa with Avocado (Salsa Verde con Aguacate)

This green salsa is made thick and luscious by adding fresh avocado. Serve tableside with almost any dish— it’s especially delicious with roasted pork dishes or tacos carne asada.

Baja Ceviche Tostadas

Inspired by the street foods of coastal city Ensenada, this tostada is a perfect combination of citrus, spicy chiles, and fresh seafood. Get the recipe for Baja Ceviche Tostadas »

Seafood Cocktail (Cóctel de Mariscos)

This zesty mix of fresh seafood, tomato and lime juices, and hot sauce is a refreshing snack or light meal eaten along Mexico’s coasts. Get the recipe for Seafood Cocktail (Cóctel de Mariscos) »

Yucatecan Pickled Red Onions (Escabeche de Cebolla)

Red onions soak up the flavors of oregano and cumin in this classic pickle relish.

Mexican Bean and Cheese Sandwich (Molletes)

The bolillo, a French-style crusty white bread roll from Mexico, is the traditional foundation of this comforting dish, but a kaiser or most any other sandwich roll will work well.

Tomatillo Bloody Mary

Want some alcohol in your breakfast drink? This bloody mary variation gets a south-of-the-border twist from tomatillos, Serrano, and cilantro. Get the recipe for Tomatillo Bloody Mary »