Danish Christmas Cookies
Settle down for a long winter's night with a cup of cocoa and any of these 5 buttery, spiced holiday treats. Anders Schonnemann
Matt Taylor-Gross

If you’re partying all night like chef Paul Cunningham in Denmark, here are some cookies to make the most of your holiday party. With touches of honey, citrus, and cinnamon, they’re big upgrades from your standard sugar cookies.

1. Honey and Spice Cookies: Loaded with warm spices—allspice, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon—sweetened with honey, and packed with hazelnuts, these are the only holiday cookies you’ll need.

2. Almond Sugar Cookies: These glittering almond squares make a fantastic Christmas cookie on their own, but sandwiched with raspberry jam, they’re even better.

3. Cinnamon Sugar Cookies: This perfect combination of snickerdoodle and sugar cookie is warmly spiced—just the thing to have with a cup of tea by a roaring fire.

4. Vanilla Wreath Cookies: This buttery, vanilla-bean-flecked cookie batter is scraped into a piping bag and can be formed into wreaths, bows, or any shape your holiday heart desires.

5. Citrus Twist Fritters: Perfumed with cardamom and the zests of both orange and lemon, these holiday cookies are fried to a shattering crispness.

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