Russian-Style Farmers’ Cheese (Pashka)

This recipe is based on one in Please to the Table (Workman, 1990) by Anya von Bremzen. A clean, one-quart clay flowerpot can be used in lieu of the paskha mold. This recipe was published in our April 2010 issue with Anna Stockwell’s article Easter Sweets. See the recipe for Russian-Style Farmers’ Cheese »

Rhubarb-Strawberry Jam

Rhubarb, a reddish pink vegetable that grows in celery-like stalks that start appearing early in the spring, has a pleasing tartness, so it pairs well with sweet strawberries in a jam. See the recipe for Rhubarb-Strawberry Jam »
See Step-by-step instructions on braiding this cardamom-spiced bread, which is eaten with coffee or tea in Finland.

Greek Easter Bread

This braided bread, which is probably Byzantine in origin, is traditionally perfumed with the essence of makhlepi, the seeds of Mediterranean wild cherries. Check your local specialty stores for hard-to-find Greek ingredients. See the recipe for Greek Easter Bread »

Fresh Pea Soup

The famed 14th-century French chef Taillevent made pea soup with milk, chicken, and eggs. Ours is far simpler. When buying fresh green peas–which appear in markets under several names, among them shell peas, english peas, and garden peas–look for pods that are bright green in color and snap crisply when you bend them. Although peas often become available in the spring, they are usually at their best in the summer months. See the recipe for Fresh Pea Soup »

Crunchy Spring Salad

This recipe comes from Margo True’s piece ¿The Accidental Pioneer” (April 2005) about Laura Chenel, the pioneering cheese maker who created American chevre. Chenel advised us to use the juice of Meyer lemons–in season from winter through late spring–to dress this salad. See the recipe for Crunchy Spring Salad »
Olive oil and lemon juice complement tender artichokes in this Provençal dish.

Maple-Glazed Carrots

Braising carrots slowly in butter, rather than steaming or boiling them, brings out their natural sweetness. Maple syrup adds a delicate glaze and a rich flavor. Get the recipe for Maple-Glazed Carrots »
Frittatas are typically made on the stove in a skillet, but preparing them in a Bundt pan offers a convenient and beautiful alternative for a festive brunch. See the recipe for Asparagus Frittata »

Apricot-Ginger Glazed Ham

A glaze made with apricot and ginger adds a sweet note to salty roasted ham. Get the recipe for Apricot-Ginger Glazed Ham »

Easter Lamb Pie

Easter Lamb Pie

Regent’s Punch

This tea-infused champagne punch makes an elegant centerpiece for any festive occasion. Get the recipe for Regent’s Punch »
Even though it’s made with cream and egg white, this classic drink is ethereally light.

Tomatillo Bloody Mary

Tomatillos give this Bloody Mary variation its green hue. Get the recipe for Tomatillo Bloody Mary »

Cassata Ricotta Cake

Fabrizia Lanza taught us to make this classic Sicilian ricotta cake (or cassata), rimmed in pistachio marzipan. See Recipe For Ricotta Cake » See our step-by-step guide to making Ricotta Cake »

St. Joseph’s Day Fritters

These crunchy Sicilian fritters are topped with a cinnamon-ricotta filling. Get the recipe for St. Joseph’s Day Fritters »

Coconut Cake

This recipe comes from our assistant kitchen director, Ben Mims, whose family enjoys coconut cake every Easter. See the recipe for Coconut Cake »