16 Phyllo Recipes for Light-as-Air Pies and Pastries

It's okay to be flaky when you're baking with phyllo

Love baklava and Greek spinach pie? Those famously thin crusts are made by layering and baking many sheets of unleavened phyllo dough to produce a light but crunchy covering. To get started, study our recipe for from-scratch phyllo dough, or simply grab a brand of frozen dough if you’re short on time. Now you’re ready to bake: many of our favorite Greek recipes and Middle Eastern recipes incorporate phyllo—from that sweet baklava to meaty pastry pies and fruit-filled tarts. With our guide to the 16 best recipes, you’ll never fear phyllo again.

Almond-Cardamom Pakhlava

At Zulya Kazimova’s bakery in Baku, pakhlava—the Azeri version of baklava, which she cuts into a diamond shape—is made using 14 layers of a dense yeasted dough rolled out so thinly and painstakingly that it becomes translucent. Get the recipe for Almond-Cardamom Pakhlava »

Veal and Pearl Onion B’stilla (North African Meat Pie)

B’stilla, a North African meat pie, is traditionally made with poultry. Cookbook author Suzanne Zeidy’s take includes veal and caramelized pearl onions. When ordering the veal for this recipe, have your butcher remove the bone. Get the recipe »

Apple and Armagnac Phyllo Pie (Tourtière Landaise)

The crust of this striking dessert—named for Les Landes, the region where it is beloved and ubiquitous—curls up into jagged shards as it cooks, like a crown. Get the recipe for Apple and Armagnac Phyllo Pie (Tourtière Landaise) »

Apple Croustade (Flaky Apple Tart)

Crisp, paper-thin sheets of phyllo dough wrap and crown tender brandied apples in this classic French tart. Get the recipe for Apple Croustade (Flaky Apple Tart) »

Cashew Baklava

Cashew Baklava

Moroccan Pigeon Pie (B’stilla)

Pigeon is traditionally used to make this slightly sweet, savory Moroccan pie, but chicken thighs, quail, or Cornish game hens make excellent substitutes. Get the recipe for Moroccan Pigeon Pie (B’stilla) »

Spiced Apple Strudel

This easy-to-assemble strudel from author Eugenia Bone makes use of preserved spiced apples and store-bought phyllo dough. Get the recipe for Spiced Apple Strudel »


If your feta is very sharp, soak it in cold water in the refrigerator for a day before using. See the recipe for Boereg

Accordion Pastry

This paklava-like pastry may be curved into a circle before baking, then filled with more nuts in the center, for a variation called glore. Get the recipe for Accordion Pastry »

Zucchini Pie

Feta cheese and zucchini squash are the focus of this savory pie. Get the recipe for Zucchini Pie »

Cheese Pie

We prefer this pie be made with fewer layers than in most traditional recipes. Get the recipe for Cheese Pie »

Phyllo Dough

Allow several hours to make phyllo. See this Recipe


This Greek version of a favorite Middle Eastern sweet is always best made with commercial phyllo.
See this Recipe

Fennel and Herb Phyllo Pastries (Hortopita)

These Greek pastries unite a buttery crust with bright-tasting fennel and feta cheese. Get the recipe for Fennel and Herb Phyllo Pastries (Hortopita)»

Epiran Feta Tart (Alevropita)

Made with a simple egg batter, this feta-studded tart hails from the region of Epirus in southeastern Europe. Get the recipe for Epiran Feta Tart (Alevropita) »