Our 25 Best Simple Greek Recipes

There are grape leaves, and feta, but so much more

By SAVEUR Editors

Published on March 13, 2018

Greek cuisine is some of the finest of Mediterranean food. Who can deny the hearty comforts of a bowl of moussaka—the Greek eggplant casserole—or the unmatched snack-ability of tender, bite-sized dolma?

But finding great Greek food or creating a great Greek menu is not just about switching to Greek yogurt, mastering the meze spread, or putting feta on everything. From city to city and island to island, the lot of Greek cooking is full of unique techniques to master and mealtime traditions to uphold. One of our favorites? Learning how to make dolmas (true obsessives, like us, can even shell out for a dolma roller.

From to tzatziki, here are our very best simple Greek recipes to bring some of the country’s flavors and flair to your table.

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