11 Sweet and Summery Corn Recipes

On or off the cob, grilled, fried, or tossed into salad, these are the most popular maize recipes from the archive.

By SAVEUR Editors

Updated on August 23, 2022

Nothing screams summer like corn on the cob, simply buttered and salted. If you’re craving more flavor, there’s elote, Mexican street corn, charred on the grill, then smeared with mayo and creamy Cotija cheese and dusted with ancho chile powder. 

Maize was domesticated in south-central Mexico around 9,000 years ago and became essential to Aztec civilization. The corn god Centeōtl wore cobs in his headdress, and Mexicans have been “the people of corn” ever since. Aztecs also refined a preserving process called nixtamalization, which results in dried, nutrient-rich kernels for hominy, as well as masa, the doughy base of tortillas and tamales. And long before movie night was a thing, Mesoamericans apparently invented popcorn, too. 

Here are our sweetest corn recipes from the archives, from salads to chowders to fritters.

This tender pork dish cooks low and slow in beef broth with tender corn and zucchini. Get the recipe >

Leftover grilled corn adds a smoky note to this cheesy, chile-infused soup. Get the recipe >

Charred corn is tossed with ripe tomatoes and edamame in this updated take on the American classic that has roots in Indigenous cooking. Get the recipe >

Pomegranate seeds add pops of tartness to this sautéed corn and crunchy cuke combo. Get the recipe >

Puréeing the corn makes for a creamier chowder in this starter or light main that’s garnished with crispy bacon and basil. Get the recipe >

Sweet corn pastry cream is layered with blueberry compote and buttery shortbread in this late-summer trifle. Get the recipe >

Saveur’s editor at large Shane Mitchell shared these Southern-style pancakes, which get their subtle chew from fresh corn kernels. Get the recipe >

Chickpea flour is the base for these crispy fritters that chef and author Romy Gill likes to pair with cool mint-cilantro chutney. Get the recipe >

A favorite street snack in India, this corn salad gets a tangy boost from lime-cilantro dressing. Get the recipe >

Our test kitchen director Fatima Khawaja recreates a childhood-favorite salad in this recipe that calls for feta and chaat masala. Get the recipe >

Roasted corn and cauliflower top these crunchy tostadas that get a drizzle of nutty-peppery chile sauce. Get the recipe >

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