Classic Tomato Soup
Inspired by the sweet-salty pleasures of a BLT sandwich, this version of tomato soup starts with smoky bacon and gets better from there. It's comforting, savory, and goes brilliantly with grilled cheese. Anna Stockwell

When tomatoes aren’t in season, canned tomatoes can still yield rich, deep tomato flavor in a number of slow-simmered dishes, from Campbell’s-style cream of tomato soup to ragù alla Bolognese. Want to know what brands we recommend? See a gallery of the best canned tomatoes »

Pasta with Spicy Tomato-Beer Sauce

Based on a dish served at Birrificio Italiano, a brewery and restaurant in Italy’s Lombardy region, this puttanesca-style pasta sauce is enriched with Bibock, the brewery’s bock-style beer.

Eggs Poached in Tomato Sauce

This classic Israeli breakfast, a dish of Libyan origin, can be served as a main course for any meal of the day. See the Eggs Poached in Tomato Sauce recipe »
Sautéing dried herbes de Provence in olive oil for this vegetable dish awakens their fragrance. You can substitute fresh tomatoes for canned, when in season. Get the recipe for Ratatouille »

Classic Meatballs

“The meatballs were left on our porch in a Farberware pot with a loaf of Italian bread and a note that said: ‘Figured you wouldn’t have time to cook.'” Get the recipe for Classic Meatballs

Pasta with Tomato Sauce and Eggplant (Pasta alla Norma)

This simple pasta dish is made with tomatoes and eggplant.

Tomato and Cheese Pie

Don’t sweat the folding technique for this chewy, tomato and cheese pie. “The uglier your scaccia looks, the better it tastes,” says Roberta Corradin, who gave us the recipe. See Recipe For Tomato and Cheese Pie »

Soupe au Pistou (Provençal Vegetable Soup with Pistou)

Pistou, the Provençal cousin of pesto, is stirred into this summer vegetable soup just before serving. Get the recipe for Soupe au Pistou »

Braised Celery and Tomato (Sedano e Pomodori Brasati)

Celery stalks’ stringy fibers, often removed before cooking, here act as a brace to help the vegetable keep its shape through a long simmer. The result is a sweet and luscious side dish.

Fish Balls in Tomato Sauce

A spicy tomato sauce injects bright flavor into these fish balls, a North African Jewish delicacy.

Classic Tomato Soup

Inspired by the sweet-salty pleasures of a BLT sandwich, this version of tomato soup starts with smoky bacon and gets better from there. It’s comforting, savory, and goes brilliantly with grilled cheese.

Calamari with Potatoes and Peas

Saveur kitchen assistant Alex Saggiomo shared his family’s recipe for the classic Southern Italian dish, typically served for the Feast of the Seven Fishes. See the recipe for Calamari with Potatoes and Peas »
This hearty lasagne from Rubirosa in New York City is made with sweet fennel sausage and tiny meatballs. See the recipe for Lasagne »

Lobster Fra Diavolo

This spicy seafood pasta features large pieces of sweet lobster tossed with bucatini and a fresh, flavorful tomato sauce.

Stuffed Calamari

Squid stuffed with breadcrumbs, pecorino, parsley, and oregano is a Feast of the Seven Fishes favorite.

Ciorbă De Perisoare (Pork-and-Rice Meatball Soup)

Ciorbă_ (from the Turkish çorba) is the Romanian name for a soup that has been soured — in this case, with a generous shot of fresh lemon juice. Pork-and-rice meatballs bring savory flavor and substance to the paprika-spiced broth. See the recipe for Ciorbă De Perisoare (Pork-and-Rice Meatball Soup) »

Spaghetti all’Amatriciana

This Italian pasta classic uses a slow-simmered tomato sauce infused with lots of bacon.
See the recipe for Spaghetti all’Amatriciana »

Sopa de Fideo (Mexican Noodle Soup)

The thin vermicelli-like noodles called fideos add starch and body to this elemental tomato soup from Patricia Quintana, chef-owner of Izote restaurant in Mexico City.

Chicken and Potato Stew (Guisada al Pollo)

Hearty and filling, this easy chicken stew gets its signature smoky flavor from chipotles in adobo. Get the recipe for Chicken and Potato Stew (Guisada al Pollo) »

Tomato Sauce with Onion and Butter

Simply putting tomatoes, a peeled halved onion, butter, and salt in a pot and cooking them with barely an occasional stir until they are reduced produces a deliciously concentrated sauce.

Cream of Tomato Soup

Classic tomato soup gets brightness and body from crushed tomatoes; smoky depth from bacon; and a luxurious finish from a little crème fraîche. **See the recipe for Cream of Tomato Soup »**
Chana masala is a simple chickpea stew with many variations, eaten by a multitude of people across India.


This classic Italian-American dish is made from a lean cut of beef pounded thin, spread with a layer of grated cheese, fresh herbs, prosciutto, raisins, and pine nuts, then rolled, tied, seared, and simmered for hours in tomato sauce. See the recipe for Braciola »
Get the recipe for Classic Manicotti »

Penne alla Vodka

Whether or not this dish of tube-shaped penne pasta lavished with a peppery, vodka-laced cream and tomato sauce was created in Italy is a matter of heated debate in some quarters; some say it was the result of aggressive marketing on the part of vodka importers. Whatever the case, it has become firmly entrenched as an Italian American classic.

Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli

These tender ravioli are filled with spinach and cheese and topped with a tangy tomato sauce bolstered with mushrooms, zucchini, and squash.

Couscous Royale

A plate of fluffy couscous is lavished with meatballs, lamb chops, chicken skewers, merguez sausage, and a saffron-scented chickpea stew in this celebratory dish, a staple at Moroccan restaurants in Paris.

Algerian Crepes (Mahjouba)

Algerian Crepes (Mahjouba)

Kefta Tagine (Lamb Meatball and Egg Tagine)

Cumin- and paprika-spiced kefta (lamb meatballs), baked eggs, and kalamata olives are the hallmarks of this elegant tagine from the Moroccan restaurant Le Timgad in Paris. Get the recipe for Kefta Tagine (Lamb Meatball and Egg Tagine) »

Stewed Beans

Lompoc, California, home cook Juliana Fabio includes kidney beans, pinto beans, and chickpeas in this tomato-based side dish, a riff on the Santa Maria—style beans traditionally served alongside tri-tip steak on California’s Central Coast.

Classic Ragù alla Bolognese

On October 17, 1982, the Bolognese chapter of the Accademia Italiana della Cucina, “after having carried out long and laborious investigations and conducted studies and research”, decreed the following recipe to be the official one for classic ragu alla bolognese. We’re not necessarily convinced of that, but it’s a fantastic recipe nonetheless. Get the recipe for Classic Ragù alla Bolognese »

Pasta with Cauliflower in a Spicy Pink Sauce

Earthy sweet cauliflower adds body to this comforting pasta baked in a comforting, spicy tomato-cream sauce. Get the recipe for Pasta with Cauliflower in a Spicy Pink Sauce »

Fried Pizza with Marinara Sauce (Pizza Montanara Starita)

This signature pizza of both Naples’ Starita and New York City’s Don Antonio pizzerias is at first fried, then slathered in a rich marinara sauce before it is quickly baked to melt the mozzarella.

Steakhouse Spaghetti Marinara

Chefs at Omaha’s Piccolo Pete’s flavor the marinara sauce for their spaghetti with beef steak trimmings and pork and beef bones. See the recipe for Steakhouse Spaghetti Marinara »

Rigatoni with Eggplant, Tomatoes, and Spicy Sausage

In this riff on classic pasta alla norma, spicy Italian sausage is added to pasta heavy with eggplant and sweet tomatoes.
This satisfying side is made of homemade croutons, tomatoes, and pecorino cheese.

Portuguese Tomato Soup with Poached Eggs (Sopa de Tomate)

Portuguese home cook Conceição Louro of Estremoz infuses tomatoes with smoky bacon and sausage in this rich tomato soup served with poached eggs.

Red Rice

Perfect for soaking up the sauce from braised turkey in green mole, this rice dish gets its color and flavor from bright tomato salsa.

Diablo Sauce

This complex tomato-based dipping sauce, which makes a lovely accompaniment to steamed crab legs, presumably gets its name from its fiery hue and its mix of serrano peppers and spicy chile powder.

Hunter’s Wife Chicken (Pollo alla Cacciatora)

The recipe for this stew, a northern Italian braise of chicken and vegetables in a tomato sauce, is adapted from Marcella Hazan’s book Essentials of Italian Cooking (Knopf, 1992). Get the recipe for Hunter’s Wife Chicken »