15 Ways to Cook with Leftover White Wine

What's better than wine with dinner? Wine as dinner

The easiest solution to leftover wine is of course to drink it, but if you have some from a dinner that’s been open a few days, or a bottle you’re just not crazy about, don’t cast it aside—cook with it. White wine pairs especially well with seafood (and seafood pastas), but it also deserves a place in your soups, braises, and even desserts. Here are our 15 favorite ways to eat our wine.

Shrimp Scampi

An Italian-American classic, shrimp scampi is a simple dish of sauteed shrimp tossed with a sauce of white wine, garlic, lemon juice, and butter, then served with pasta. Get the recipe for Shrimp Scampi »

Mustard and White Wine Braised Chicken

An adaptation of a regional French classic, this version swaps out the traditional Dijon in favor of a grainy, seeded mustard.

Linguine with Crab in Spicy White Wine Sauce

Linguine with Crab in Spicy White Wine Sauce

Stuffed Mussels (Cozze al Pomodoro)

Thyme and white wine bring out the sweet flavor of mussels in this classic dish.

Blackberry Slump

A cousin of the cobbler, this dessert is served at the Four Swallows restaurant on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Chicken Marsala

Pounding the chicken cutlets before cooking renders them thin and terrifically tender. Deglazing the pan with Marsala and stock after cooking the chicken creates a quick, rich sauce. Get the recipe for Chicken Marsala »

Sole Piccata

The recipe for this pan-fried fillet is finished with a white-wine butter sauce laced with lemon, capers, and shallots. Get the recipe for Sole Piccata »

Plum, White Chocolate, and Tarragon Parfait

The overt sweetness of white chocolate is tamed here by the addition of tart Greek yogurt. Chef John Karangis of Union Square Events serves it as a bed for juicy roasted plums and a sweet, anise-tinged tarragon white wine granita—it’s an elegant way to end a summer dinner. Get the recipe for Plum, White Chocolate, and Tarragon Parfait »

Veal Piccata

Tender veal scaloppine dredged in flour and sautéed in butter get a boost of brightness from a simple pan sauce made with white wine and a generous squeeze of lemon. Get the recipe for Veal Piccata »

Spaghetti with Lobster (Spaghetti all’Astice)

Get the recipe for Spaghetti with Lobster (Spaghetti all’Astice) »

Mussels with Tomatoes and White Beans

You’ll want some crusty bread to sop up all the broth. Get the recipe for Mussels with Tomatoes and White Beans »
Homemade aïoli thickens the broth in this satisfying Marsellais stew made with halibut, shrimp, and white wine. Get the recipe for Bourride (Fish Stew with Aïoli) »

Salmon with Green Olive and Ramp Beurre Blanc

Classic beurre blanc enhanced with ramps and chopped Cerignola olives makes a creamy, velvety sauce for grilled salmon. Get the recipe for Salmon with Green Olive and Ramp Beurre Blanc »

Cream of Fennel Soup

This rich, smooth soup balances the gentle flavor of fennel with spices and a bracing addition of Pernod. Get the recipe for Cream of Fennel Soup »

Rigatoni with Pancetta Tomato Sauce

Enriched with white wine, a bit of dried chile heat, and loads of deliciously salty pancetta, the sauce for this version of the classic Italian dish comes from Salvatore Denaro, the chef at Montefalco’s Arnaldo Caprai winery. See the recipe fro Rigatoni with Pancetta Tomato Sauce