Here Are Your Favorite Dishes You've Probably Never Heard Of

Know your way around the basics? We're here to help you to the next level

They say variety is the spice of life. And while we, as creatures of habit, tend to fall back on easy standbys—whether that's wearing the same outfits every morning or cooking the same weeknight dinners—there's something to be said for switching it up once in a while. We know that veering off the beaten path can be tough, so we've mapped out some one-dish adventures you can take from the comfort of your own kitchen.

From our favorite noodle soup upgrade to a lasagna bread we can't get enough of, there's something here for everyone. Take note, these recipes aren't necessarily easy: some of our hardest recipes are also the most exciting. But what's an adventure without some challenge? Go forth and discover your new favorite dish today.

If You've Mastered Curried Chicken, It's Time to Go for Bunny Chow.

Mutton Bunny Chow

Mutton Bunny Chow

Bunny chow, a hollowed out bread bowl with a spicy, meaty curried filling, is as delightfully messy as it sounds. You can eat every last morsel of this version from Hollywood Bets in Durban, including the curry-soaked bread from the bottom and sides. Get the recipe for Mutton Bunny Chow »Crookes & Jackson

If You Like Ramen, You'll Love Hot Soba with Chicken and Egg..

Hot Soba Noodles with Chicken and Egg

Hot Soba with Chicken and Egg

Sonoko Sakai, author of Rice Craft, adds spinach, soy-and-mirin-basted chicken thighs, and fresh soba noodles to add heft to this light, brothy soup spiked with fresh ginger juice. You can cook the chicken and prepare the other ingredients hours ahead of time, but cook the soba noodles just before so they retain their characteristic chew in the soup. Get the recipe for Hot Soba with Chicken and Egg »Dylan + Jeni

Scaccia (Lasagna Bread)

A street food popular in its native Ragusa, scaccia is an exercise in rustic simplicity: A pizza-style dough is rolled super-thin, smeared with tomato sauce, showered with D.O.P. caciocavallo cheese (similar to a spicy provolone), and folded into a lasagna-like loaf. In some versions, yeast is left out of the dough, which results in a more pasta-like dough that gets layered into a thinner, free-form rectangular pie, served cut into squares. But whatever the shape, the pie is best served warm from the oven while the cheese is still gooey. Get the recipe for Scaccia (Lasagna Bread) »Matt Taylor-Gross
Omani Madrouba

Omani Chicken and Rice Porridge (Madrouba)

Fragrant with spices and soft from overcooked rice, this Middle Eastern porridge is perfect comfort food. Get the recipe for Omani Chicken and Rice Porridge (Madrouba) »Farideh Sadeghin

If You're Crazy for Chicken Noodle Soup, Mix it Up with Mi Xian

Yunnan-Style Breakfast Noodle Soup

Yunnan-Style Breakfast Noodle Soup

This popular breakfast in China's Yunnan Province starts with fresh rice noodles and ground meat in a bare-bones pork broth, then gets customized with as many as a dozen condiments. Yunnan mi xian noodles (round and spaghettilike) or mi gan (flat and wide) are traditional, but any size rice noodle works, and dried varieties are fine in a pinch. Find fresh rice noodles in the refrigerated section at most Asian markets. Get the recipe for Yunnan-Style Breakfast Noodle Soup »Matt Taylor-Gross

Love Grilled Cheese? Kick It Up a Notch With Khachapuri

Adjaruli Khachapuri

Adjaruli Khachapuri

This traditional Georgian cheese and egg bread is best eaten hot. Use a spoon to stir the yolk and butter into the molten cheese, then tear off a piece of fluffy crust to dunk into the cheesy well. Georgians typically make this savory pastry with a mixture of imeruli and sulguni cheese. We find that a blend of low moisture mozzarella and strong, tart feta gets you very close to the traditional version. Get the recipe for Adjaruli Khachapuri »Matt Taylor-Gross

Take Hot Dogs to the Next Level: Go for Boerewors Instead.

Boerewors Rolls with Chakalaka (Farmer Sausage with Pepper Relish)

Boerewors Rolls with Chakalaka (Farmer Sausage with Pepper Relish)

"Ask any South African the first thing they buy for a braai. They'll tell you it's boerewors," says butcher Andy Fenner. Uniquely South African, boerewors is a sausage made from ground beef, roasted coriander seeds, salt, and vinegar, thrown on the grill and sometimes served in a bun. Instead of mustard or ketchup, Fenner opts for a homemade chakalaka, a spicy pepper relish local to the region.Crookes and Jackson
Tagliatelle with Yogurt and Fried Onions (Rishta bi Laban wa Bassal)

Tagliatelle with Yogurt and Fried Onions (Rishta bi Laban wa Bassal)

Copious amounts of lightly caramelized onions are piled atop pasta and served with yogurt and herbs in this recipe inspired by Claudia Roden's The New Book of Middle Eastern Food. Get the recipe for Tagliatelle with Yogurt and Fried Onions (Rishta bi Laban wa Bassal) »André Baranowski