Menu: A Puerto Rican Christmas Feast

A Puerto Rican Christmas

A Puerto Rican Christmas

Celebrate Christmas with quintessential Puerto Rican fare, from crispy plaintain fritters with stewed shrimp to classic pernil asado, roast pork shoulder with a spicy sweet sauce. Remember to serve plenty of coquito, a festive, tropical eggnog flavored with coconut and rum. See the menu for a Puerto Rican Christmas »Penny de los Santos

The Menu

Planning Tips

  1. Read writer Kathleen Squire's account of her first Puerto Rican Christmas—and the magnificent, sprawling feast she ate.

  2. Sofrito, which lincludes sauteed pepper, ham, onions, and garlic, is the multipurpose seasoning base that forms the foundation of many Puerto Rican dishes, including this menu's tostones. See the recipe.

  3. Leftover pernil makes delicious day-after pork sandwiches.

  4. Serving coquito, the Puerto Rican take on eggnog loaded with coconut and rum, is an exciting and delicious way to switch up the standard holiday drink. See our gallery for more eggnog ideas.