Menu: Marcella Hazan’s Italian Comfort Food

Black betty
Black Betty

Inspired by the classics—the Manhattan, the Sazerac—Max Greco created this drink featuring bittersweet, nutty Braulio amaro at Vasco in Sydney, Australia.

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  1. Read more about Marcella Hazan, the eminent authority on Italian cooking who passed away at the end of last year, in an article written by her son Giuliano for this year's SAVEUR 100 issue.
  2. Be sure to use large, mature spinach with thick stems, not bagged baby spinach, to make the salad. The leaves' hardy texture and earthy flavor will stand up to the pungent vinaigrette.
  3. Strazzate cookies traditionally call for Strega, an Italian herbal liqueur, but Galliano works nicely as a substitute.
  4. We love the rich complexity that amaro (a bitter Italian digestif) lends to an after-dinner cocktail; read about our 5 favorite amari—all surprisingly different—and the cocktail recipes that best suit each one.
  5. The lemon olive oil tossed with the roasted potatoes is a trick we learned from cookbook author and TV personality Carla Hall; just throw a lemon—rind, pith, seeds, the whole shebang—into a blender with olive oil, and blitz the heck out of it.

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