Vegetarian Summer Appetizer Recipes

Summer is a wonderful time for meat-free cooking

With all the fresh produce available during the season, summer is a wonderful time for meat-free cooking. Tomatoes, squash, corn and more—we can't help but feel inspired to make vegetarian dishes. This summer, start your meal with one of these delicious vegetarian appetizers.

At their peak, summer tomatoes are perfection. We crave their sweet, juicy, refreshing taste. Two classic tomato salads are caprese and panzanella. Our caprese uses both beefsteak and cherry or grape tomatoes, complementing them with burrata, basil, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil. Our panzanella uses any tomatoes you can find mixed with toasted bread.

During the heat of the summer, chilled soup is a great way to keep cool. When it comes to cold soup, you can't beat the Spanish raw vegetable and bread soup known as gazpacho. The classic Andalusian version is made with tomatoes and cucumbers, but we also love making a white version with macadamia nuts and serving it with asparagus. Also try salmorejo, a heartier cousin of gazpacho topped with hard-boiled eggs and Iberico ham.

Squash is a great vegetable because it's available all year in different forms. During the summer, yellow squash and zucchini are plentiful. Both can be used to top a puff pastry tart with a creamy goat cheese spread. Zucchini and avocado come together with queso añejo and cilantro to make a salad served by artist Frida Kahlo.

Take advantage of summer produce with these vegetarian summer appetizer recipes.

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