What We're Cooking This Weekend

We celebrate the first day of spring with pie, and strawberry bread, and lots of chimichurri


Arepas de Huevo

Twice-fried arepas stuffed with soft-cooked eggs are a classic street food in Cartagena, Colombia.Todd Coleman

This past week, fellow Saveur internet nerd Max Falkowitz asked me to help him define "good food," to which I completely ignored the question and just said arepas, because I had eaten one for dinner the night before and was not yet ready to stop lingering on how I think masa is one my favorite foodstuffs of all time. Considering I'm still thinking about that damn arepa, I think I may try my hand at them, taking inspiration from these towering, majestic, egg-stuffed beauties. — Amanda Arnold, Assistant digital editor

Strawberry Bread

Strawberry Bread

A very berry breadYossy Arefi

I'm all about lazy Sunday mornings, and this weekend, to accompany my cup of tea and New York Times, I'm planning to whip up some strawberry bread. It's a recipe from our test kitchen director, Farideh Sadeghin, and epically delicious, no matter what fruit you throw into it, and no matter how horrible of a baker you are (myself falling in the "very horrible" camp). — Sophie Brickman, Features editor

This weekend I'm going to stare out my kitchen window with a cold beer in hand and pretend I'm standing in a backyard somewhere, where I'd grill myself a ribeye and top it with a fresh and herby chimichurri. Luckily, there's a way to make steak indoors that rivals its grilled counterpart. — Matt Taylor-Gross, Staff photographer

Rib-Eye Steak with Chimichurri

Rib-Eye Steak with Chimichurri
Chimichurri, a kind of spicy, vinegar-laced pesto, is the condiment of choice for steak in Argentina.Matt Taylor-Gross

Chimichurri! Doesn't it just sound like a recipe you want to make on a weekend? I recently discovered the harmonious combo of fried eggs and yogurt at a friend's house; ever since, I've been itching to recreate it at home. Here's my plan: duck egg—because they have bigger yolks than regular eggs and one yolk is never enough—over a handful of asparagus and a fat slap of yogurt from Sahadi's (creamiest yogurt in New York if you're ever in the hood!). Then this is all getting drizzled, splashed—flooded!—in chimichurri. I'm serving it all with lots of salt, cracked pepper, and House of Cards season four. — Jessica Glavin, Digital director

boston cream pie recipe

Boston Cream Pie

Two layers of golden sponge cake sandwiching thick custard, all topped with a glossy layer of chocolate.Penny de los Santos

It's basically springtime, right? This is the time of year where I just want to throw open all the windows, dust away all those winter cobwebs (even those stubborn ones behind the couch), and make myself a Boston cream pie. I can't explain it. The heart wants what it wants. — Alex Testere, Assistant editor

Chicken Walnut Stew


Pomegranate molasses and walnuts bring sweet, sour, and bitter notes to this classic Iranian stew.Todd Coleman

This weekend is Nowruz, the Persian New Year, so I plan on heading down to Maryland to be with family and making lots of Iranian food (specifically Khorest-e Fesenjan). — Farideh Sadeghin, Test kitchen director

Keeping it Simple

The first meal my partner and I ever cooked together was tofu and onions with white rice. Needless to say, over five years ago, neither of us were exactly Julia in the kitchen. We were damn proud of that "recipe," though, and spent many evenings out on our patio in Pittsburgh enjoying it, lauding ourselves with praise. I'm going to make it again this Sunday for nostalgia's sake and congratulate myself on simplicity well done. — Allie Wist, Associate art director

Ham and Caramelized Onion Pizza

Ham and Caramelized Onion Pizza

Caramelized onions, sweet ham, mozzarella, and fragrant rosemary combine in this flavorful pizza.Ingalls Photography

March Madness has arrived! 'Tis the season for endless hours of basketball and making this ham and caramelized onion pizza for friends as we cheer on the Syracuse Orange. — Michelle Heimerman, Photo editor

Boston Cooler

Boston Cooler

Spicy ginger ale + creamy vanilla ice cream = the perfect shake.Matt Taylor-Gross

I don't believe in the idea of ice cream season—ice cream is a year-round treat, people!—but spring certainly encourages the habit. So I'm going to follow my office buddy Amanda Arnold's lead and make a Boston Cooler, a blend of ginger ale and vanilla ice cream that's totally refreshing and totally not a weird sex thing. — Max Falkowitz, Senior digital editor

This weekend I will be playing to role of Best Uncle Ever: I'm going to Washington, DC to visit my almost six year-old niece and four year-old nephew and I've promised to make them Saturday morning breakfast. This will mean pancakes, and most certainly blueberry pancakes. Or as the kids call them, boo-berry pancakes. Same dif. — Yaran Noti, Deputy editor