The Killer B

A play on the classic cocktail The Bee’s Knees, The Killer B is a spicy elixir of gin, lemon juice, and a simple syrup infused with Thai bird chiles and white peppercorns. Get the recipe for The Killer B »

Rose & Rye

Rose & Rye

Fresh Mint Simple Syrup

The ultimate in freshness, use this syrup to freshen a glass of lemon- or limeade, or whip it into cream for a dessert topping. Get the recipe for Fresh Mint Simple Syrup

Cinnamon and Honey Scotch Sour

A spicy-sweet take on the typical sour.
Simple syrup infused with anise and cardamom adds depth and sweetness to this genever and persimmon cocktail from Manhattan restaurant The Breslin.

Blackberry-Lavender Syrup

Tart blackberries and floral dried lavender marry in this syrup—mix it into a gimlet or French 75. Get the recipe for Blackberry–Lavender Syrup

Vodka Lavender Thyme Lemonade

This lemonade gains herbaceous depth from lavender and thyme, while vodka delivers a good, clean punch.

The Soul Train

Tequila and cardamom is an unexpected combination, but it works beautifully with the help of lime and grapefruit juice. Get the recipe for The Soul Train »

Lemon Chamomile Syrup

Fragrant chamomile flowers and lemon peel marry in this syrup—mix it into a brandy smash or a collins, or simply with sparkling water for homemade lemon soda. Get the recipe for Lemon Chamomile Syrup
Cocktails are not all about the fruits! This savory yet sweet summer cocktail highlights beets, a root vegetable that offers an earthy flavor and vibrant color that offers a beautiful back drop to the thyme and elderflower. Get the recipe for Beet Syrup

Spiced Pear Syrup

An essential ingredient in Zachary Stevens’ Eros Elixir, this spicy fruit syrup is infused with ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg and uses pear purée as its base liquid.

Ginger Syrup

Infused with ginger and black pepper, this syrup makes a great homemade ginger beer: Just mix one part syrup to three parts soda water. Get the recipe for Ginger Syrup »

Peach–Lemon Verbena Syrup

Sweet peaches and aromatic lemon verbena marry in this syrup, perfect for mixing into cocktails such as an old-fashioned or French 75. Get the recipe for Peach–Lemon Verbena Syrup

The Dalmatian

Coral-pink and slightly opaque, this cocktail looks demure, but it packs serious heat: bitter and sweet, earthy and deep, with a slow, lingering burn from the vodka and pepper. See the recipe for The Dalmatian »
This nonalcoholic sparkler is decidedly sophisticated: fennel’s light, anise flavor is tempered by sweetly autumnal apple juice.

Spiced Pear Collins

Pear purée, gin, and rosemary give this autumnal cocktail a crisp, woody sweetness, robust density, and sour, crackling effervescence. Get the recipe for Spiced Pear Collins

Rye Whiskey Simple Syrup

This boozy, flavorful simple syrup is a quick way to deepen the flavors while adding sweetness to almost any cocktail. Get the recipe for Rye Whiskey Simple Syrup

Cinnamon Simple Syrup

Great in fall cocktails, this flavored simple syrup is also wonderful drizzled over pancakes or stirred into coffee. Get the recipe for Cinnamon Simple Syrup »

Cola Syrup

A Coca-Cola simple syrup is the finishing touch in this dessert of shaved ice and tangerine curd. Get the recipe for Cola Syrup