19 Spicy Curries From Around the World

Recipes to take you from Jamaica to India to Thailand

Looking to spice up your go-to curry recipe?

Get inspired with some new ideas for watermelon, tuna, and daikon variations or brush up with some fresh takes on classic ingredients like chicken and lamb.

Murgh Korma (Creamy Chicken Curry)
The creaminess and complex flavor of this beloved Indian curry comes from pureed almonds and cashew nuts. Penny De Los Santos

Goanese Shrimp Curry (Sembharachi Kodi)

In Goa, a tiny, palm-fringed state on the western coast of India, seafood is central to the cuisine. Beloved regional specialty sembharachi kodi, or shrimp in a coconut curry, is prepared a number of ways, but always with the freshest local shellfish simmered in a rich, chile-spiked coconut sauce. Get the recipe for Goanese Shrimp Curry (Sembharachi Kodi) »
For this aromatic nasi padang dish, red snapper is simmered in a spicy coconut curry.

Retro Curry

Redolent of cumin and dozens of other spices, sweetened with fruit or honey, and made with myriad combinations of meat, fish, and vegetables, curry is a dish that inspires dedication—even obsession—in Japan. This one, from a recipe in Japanese Soul Cooking (Ten Speed Press, 2013), combines beef, shrimp, and vegetables.

Cold Curried Summer Squash Soup

The warming kick of curry lends depth and zing to this creamy chilled soup; ice cubes made of lime juice and Thai basil add acidity and a light anise flavor as they melt. Get the recipe for Cold Curried Summer Squash Soup »

Watermelon Curry

A specialty of the Indian state of Rajasthan, this delicious curry plays the sweet, juicy flesh of the watermelon against a complex background of chiles and spices. Get the recipe for Watermelon Curry »
Thai-style dumplings add a nice, bouncy texture to this green curry. Get the recipe for Green Curry with Fish and Eggplant (Kaeng Khiaw Waan) »

Pumpkin-Chickpea Curry

With warming notes of curry and cinnamon, this hearty vegetable curry is perfect for a cozy meal. Get the recipe for Pumpkin-Chickpea Curry »

Chickpea Fritters in Curry (Besan Curry)

This Jain-style curry pairs airy chickpea fritters with a creamy, tangy sauce.

Spicy Cabbage-and-Potato Curry (Bund Gobhi Aur Aloo Ki Subzi)

Get the recipe for Vegetarian Potato and Cabbage Curry »

Burmese Eggplant Curry (Khayan Thee Hnut)

Eggplant is simmered to melting softness in a fantastically pungent curry fortified by shrimp paste. Get the recipe for Burmese Eggplant Curry (Khayan Thee Hnut) »

Odisha Shrimp Curry

Sweet shrimp are fried with fragrant spices and aromatics and then ground to create this homestyle dish from the east Indian state of Odisha. Fresh cilantro adds a zesty, herbaceous note.

Curried Chicken

Bathed in fragrant curry- and ginger-infused coconut milk, this stew is a popular breakfast dish at Kingston cafés. Get the recipe for Curried Chicken »

Smita Chandra’s Daikon Curry

Smita Chandra’s Daikon Curry

Padang-Style Chicken Curry (Gulai Ayam)

Chicken thighs can also be used to make this aromatic Indonesian curry. Get the recipe for Padang-Style Chicken Curry (Gulai Ayam) »

Thalassery-Style Fish Curry (Thalassert Meen Curry)

Any firm fish, including snapper, trout, or salmon, will work in this green mango-infused south Indian curry, named for the Keralan coastal city of Thalassery and flavored with coconut, ginger, curry leaves, and turmeric.

Yellow Curry with Beef and Potatoes (Kaeng Karii)

The dried spices in this complex, coconut-enriched Thai curry from chef Andy Ricker of Pok Pok reveal its South Asian origins. Ricker’s advice, from his October 2013 article The Star of Siam: “Follow the recipe exactly the first time, then adjust the seasonings and the coconut milk. Put your stamp on it. After all, that’s what the Thai do.”

Curried Tuna Sandwich

Currants and chopped dried apricots bring sweetness to curried tuna salad, which we like to serve on folded naan.