Our Best Pumpkin Recipes Celebrate the Flavor of Fall

Think outside the pie this autumn with these craveable cooking ideas from around the globe.

By SAVEUR Editors

Updated on October 6, 2022

Pumpkin lovers, rejoice! ‘Tis the season once again for pumpkin-y lattes, soups, pies—and even beer

America has a millennia-old affinity for the humble squash. Early Indigenous planters grew it alongside corn and beans according to the Three Sisters method, which enriched the soil and made for abundant harvests season after season. They used every part of the plant, down to the nutrient-packed seeds

Given this rich history, cooking with pumpkin is truly a celebration of the Americas’ culinary heritage. Whether you reach for an heirloom variety, like Hooligan, Cotton Candy, or Dutch Fork, or crack open a can of pumpkin purée, keep these recipes handy all autumn long. 

This cheesecake has a zingy walnut-gingersnap crust and a rich cream filling with a punch of rum. Get the recipe >

A glug of maple syrup adds natural sweetness to this caramelized autumn dessert. Get the recipe >

Toasted pumpkin seeds and old-fashioned rolled oats make this hand-formed crust a snap. Get the recipe >

Those who take their pumpkin pie “à la mode” will rave about the velvety ice cream filling of this rendition. To top things off? A drizzle of hot fudge, please. Get the recipe >

In this recipe shared by Senegalese chef Pierre Tham, ripe mango adds tropical brightness to a pumpkin cake infused with ginger and cinnamon. Get the recipe >

Cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil from Slovenia is the secret to this savory spread that we love to slather on toast rounds or serve as a dip with crunchy radishes. Get the recipe >

Save the seeds when carving Halloween pumpkins for a sweet-and-savory twist on this old-school treat. Get the recipe >

From Austria’s southeast, this filling breakfast scramble is loaded with shallots, ham, and Emmentaler cheese, all topped with toasted pumpkin seeds. Get the recipe >

Try making this creamy soup with a mellow, heirloom pumpkin variety like Hokkaido, also called red kuri, which has a distinct chestnut flavor. Acorn or kabocha squash are good substitutes. Get the recipe >

In the capital of Santo Domingo, Dominicans top their silky smooth pumpkin soup with chunks of queso para freír, a firm, white local cheese. Get the recipe >

Green-skinned calabaza, available at many Caribbean and Latin grocers, is the go-to pumpkin for this cream-laced soup, but butternut squash makes a fine substitute. Get the recipe >

In Argentina, chefs grill wedges of pumpkin asado-style over open flame, then pair them with a peppery salsa criolla. Get the recipe >

In this meal-in-one recipe, rack of lamb sings alongside a pumpkin-chickpea salad seasoned with garam masala and tossed in labneh-feta dressing. A sprinkling of toasted pepitas adds maximum crunch. Get the recipe >

Adapted from a punch recipe by Death & Co. in Denver, this cognac-and-sherry cocktail gets its subtle vegetal flavor from a simple syrup infused with pumpkin spice tea. Get the recipe >

Everything you love about the classic cookies, but with more warming spices and cozy fall vibes. Get the recipe >

The flavor of fall is anything but basic. Get the recipe >

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