Picnic-Friendly Dessert Recipes

No picnic is complete without a final bite of dessert

No picnic is complete without a final bite of dessert. Not just any dessert will do, though—you want something that you can make ahead of time, transport easily, and not have to serve warm. That eliminates a few options, but it's still easy to find desserts that fit the bill. From cookies and brownies to pudding and ice cream, we've rounded up our favorite picnic-friendly dessert recipes.

Delicious at any temperature and super portable, cookies are perfect for picnics. When it comes to cookies, it doesn't get much more classic than chocolate chip. Our basic recipe is like a classic Toll House cookie taken to the next level. Layering the chocolate in between sheets of dough means that every bite has a perfect balance. For something different, try sweetening you chocolate chip cookies woodsy, spicy honey or adding ground almonds to the dough.

On a hot summer day, a frozen treat is sure to be a hit. Popsicles are a crowd-pleaser—we have Mexican-inspired paletas flavored with tamarind, pineapple, and more, as well as yogurt pops rich with strawberry and rhubarb. Or go with ice cream. Plain vanilla is great, but also try coffee, beet, or—for the ultimate summer flavor—peach.

A big bowl of pudding is a retro treat. We love an old-school banana pudding layered with vanilla wafers and cookie salad updated with tangy buttermilk. For something that's sure to transport you back to childhood, look to our rich, whipped cream-topped chocolate pudding pie.

Be the star of your next picnic with these dessert recipes.

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