SAVEUR's Complete Guide to Fourth of July

Make this Independence Day your best one yet with our best Fourth of July barbecue and grilling recipes, pitcher cocktails, and more summer cooking favorites.

Looking for Fourth of July cookout inspiration? If you haven't already, now is the time to take the tarp off the grills and bust out your best grilling gear. (Don't have space for outdoor grilling? Might we suggest a portable binchotan?).

Whether you're firing up some traditional barbecue or keeping it simple with meat on a stick, Fourth of July parties are a chance to come together and celebrate this great nation with a communal feast and fireworks. Hot dogs are another holiday staple, but you can switch them up with Argentinian choripán or South African braai-style sausages for some international flavor—after all, America is a nation of immigrants. And don't forget about grilled veggies for your meat-averse friends.

From festive themed menus from around the country to cocktails and summer cooking tips, scroll through our Independence Day guide for all the best Fourth of July recipes and menus you need to keep the party going all day long.

Fourth of July Recipes

Whether you're having a picnic with a friend or a giant barbecue for everyone you know, there are plenty of great dishes to cook and eat for the Fourth. Check out our favorite sides, salads, and grilled recipes here.

Fourth of July Menus

If you want to plan the perfect Fourth of July feast, we've got the menu for you. Celebrate July 4th with one of 7 different menus, from a quick and easy backyard BBQ to an authentic Spanish grilled feast. 

Fourth of July Cocktails

What pairs perfectly with hot dogs, pasta salad, and fireworks? Any of our July 4th-approved cocktails, of course.

Fourth of July Desserts

After you fill up on all your favorite grilled foods, indulge your summer sweet tooth. There are plenty of Fourth of July dessert options, from ice cream to summery cakes and pies.

Summer Cooking Tips

Need to know how to peel a mango with a water glass, crack open a coconut, or macerate berries? We can help you with all of these and more. Watch the videos below for our best summer cooking tips and tricks.