20 Easter Recipes from Around the World

Hot cross buns, lamb pies, and more delicious ways the world celebrates the springtime holiday

By SAVEUR Editors

Published on March 15, 2018

Around the world, a variety of dishes help commemorate the end of the Lenten fast. Whether you're whipping up a hearty Easter brunch or preparing a celebratory dinner feast, try your hand at some traditional Easter recipes from around the world. From global preparations of ham and lamb to Neapolitan pizza and Finnish pulla, we've got you covered with all the ways the world celebrates Easter.

This Neapolitan savory pie, a traditional Easter Day treat filled with meat, cheese, and eggs, comes from Mary Mazzacco of Tinton Falls, New Jersey. Get the recipe for Pizza Chiena »

These sweet spiced buns, best when freshly hot out of the oven, are traditionally served on Easter, marked with a cross to symbolize Jesus's crucifixion. Get the recipe for Hot Cross Buns »

Our variation on a traditional Greek soup uses lamb shanks and shoulder, spring vegetables, herbs, and long-grain rice. Get the recipe for Greek Easter Soup »

While you can drench this with lemon syrup, it's good enough to eat plain. Get the recipe for Almond-Lemon Cake »

These moist lamb pies are popular in Sicily during Easter celebrations. Get the recipe for Easter Lamb Pie »

The crust for this simple, jammy lemon tart is very flaky. If you have dough left over after rolling out the shell, use it to make a crisscross pattern over the top. Get the recipe for French Lemon Tart »

Baked eggs (sometimes called shirred eggs) are a simple, hearty breakfast. This recipe, which appeared in our special Breakfast issue (October 2008), produces firm whites and velvety yolks. Get the recipe for Baked Eggs »

Piles of colorful carrot ribbons—which skew more savory than sweet, thanks to a lemony coriander-flecked dressing—come out of the oven glistening and retaining some of their bite. The keys to the couldn't-be-flakier crust beneath: keeping the ingredients as cold as possible, and not overhandling the dough. Leftovers of the tart can be refrigerated and recrisped in the oven the next day. Get the recipe for Shaved Carrot Tart with Ricotta »

Tender artichoke hearts and fava beans pair beautifully in this simple Greek side dish. Get the recipe for Artichokes and Fava Beans (Aginares Me Koukia) »

This braided bread, which is probably Byzantine in origin, is traditionally perfumed with the essence of makhlepi, the seeds of Mediterranean wild cherries. Get the recipe for Greek Easter Bread »

This lighter shrimp salad recipe is a substitute for the more traditional, but heavier, Italian roasted-eel salad. Roasting large red bell peppers adds a smokier element to the tangy, cured shrimp. Get the recipe for Grilled Shrimp and Roasted Peppers »

This simple, bold salad comes from Lidia Bastianich, who adds garlic in thick slices so they garlic-shy can pick it out easily. Get the recipe for Mâche & Egg Salad »

Traditionally associated with Easter, this cheese bread from Paraguay has a dense chewy texture similar to the classic wheat bialys New Yorkers are so fond of. Get the recipe for Paraguayan Chipa (Easter Breakfast Bread) »

The recipe for this Polish Easter soup calls for fresh horseradish, but it works just as well with the prepared version. Get the recipe for Bialy Barszcz (Polish White Borscht) »

This braided, cardamom-spiced bread is a common Easter treat in Finland. It can be baked as both a single braided loaf and individual-size knots. Get the recipe for Pulla (Braided Cardamom Bread) »

The technique of roasting lamb over a bed of rosemary sprigs lends this Greek classic a smoky, herbal flavor. Get the recipe for Roasted Lamb with Rosemary (Arni me Dendrolivano) »

Former SAVEUR editorial assistant Maria Xerakia's family makes these traditional Greek stuffed grape leaves for Easter at their home in Brooklyn, New York. Get the recipe for Dolmades (Stuffed Grape Leaves) »

For this simple Sicilian Easter dish, Cosciotto di Agnello con Patate, a leg of lamb is roasted over a bed of potatoes. Get the recipe for Roast Leg of Lamb with Potatoes »

Calabrians in Italy sometimes add sliced cured sausage to this popular frittata on Easter, to celebrate the end of Lent. Get the recipe for Ricotta and Roasted Pepper Frittata (Frittata con Ricotta e Peperoni) »

This epic Genoese tart, filled with swiss chard (or, in some versions, artichokes), was traditionally made with 33 layers of dough—one for each year of Christ's life. Get the recipe for Eastertide Tart »

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