Our Very Best Australian and New Zealand Recipes

Crumbles, quail, cookies, and more from the wild Pacific

bySAVEUR Editors| PUBLISHED Jul 12, 2017 6:22 PM
Our Very Best Australian and New Zealand Recipes
Photography by Matt Taylor-Gross

Australian and New Zealand cuisine fuses indigenous flora and fauna, as well as native cooking methods, with the later additions of colonial settlers. With most of the countries' populations residing in coastal areas, seafood—from snapper to prawns and lobster—are major ingredients, but forms of barbecue are also traditional to the Wild West of the Pacific. Bookmark our collection of best recipes from Australian and New Zealand restaurants, as well as new takes on traditional desserts such as the Tim Tam and Lolly Cake of New Zealand.

Carrot juice and white miso make a sweet umami dressing for jumbo prawns and a spicy slaw of radish and edamame in this recipe adapted from chef Ryan Edwards of Appellation restaurant in Barossa, Australia. Get the recipe for Prawns with Edamame Slaw and Carrot Miso Sauce »

To get the fish skin extra crispy for this recipe from Franklin's chef David Moyle, pat it dry with paper towels and sprinkle with salt. Get the recipe for Seared Snapper with Nettle Sauce »

Mustard-and-herb-marinated quail gets a quick sauté for this earthy dish and is served with poached beets and a sweet-tart fig and ruby port sauce. Adapted from a recipe by chef Stuart Bell of Ten Minutes by Tractor in Mornington Peninsula, Australia, the dish has black barley, a variety with the bran still attached to the wheat kernel. Get the recipe for Sautéed Quail with Black Barley, Beets, and Fig Sauce »

Don't be afraid of the yellow-green tomalley: Rodney Dunn of Agrarian Kitchen adds the muddy-looking lobster liver sauce to drawn butter for extra lobster flavor. Get the recipe for Grilled Lobster with Chipotle Garlic Seaweed Butter »

We enjoyed this warm and comforting dessert while visiting a sheep farm in New Zealand. Get the recipe for Apple Crumble with Hot Custard »

Smoky romesco sauce brightens burnished, crispy octopus, which is marinated in an herb-packed vinaigrette, in this recipe adapted from chef Dan Moss of Terroir Auburn restaurant in Clare Valley, Australia. Get the recipe for Grilled Octopus with Green Lentils and Romesco »

When making this elegant seafood appetizer from Franklin restaurant, make sure you wash the octopus thoroughly to remove any grit. Get the recipe for Seared Octopus with Fennel Pollen and Paprika »

Blanching the squash pieces in this dish, adapted from a recipe by chef Dan Moss of Terroir Auburn in Clare Valley, Australia, helps to tenderize their skins and flesh so they're not undercooked when the outside is grilled to perfection. A creamy sunchoke purée and tart herb salad round out the grilled squash and lamb chops. Get the recipe for Grilled Lamb Chops and Squash with Herb Salad and Sunchokes »

This version of classic fish à la meunière, adapted from a recipe by chef Stuart Deller of Port Phillip Estate restaurant in Mornington Peninsula, Australia, adds crisp croutons and briny capers to the tangy lemon, parsley, and brown butter sauce. Get the recipe for Flounder with Lemon Caper Sauce »

A mix of crushed malt biscuits, sweetened condensed milk, and butter, these New Zealand treats from test kitchen director Farideh Sadeghin have a soft texture akin to cookie dough. Traditionally, Eskimo Lollies (a multicolored, marshmallow-like candy) are used, but colorful marshmallows make a great substitute. Get the recipe for Lolly Cake »

The staff at Huka Lodge in New Zealand used to serve this simple dish for lunch when I worked there as a chef in 2011; I fell in love with it immediately and it's been a regular part of my dinner repertoire since. The combination of crunchy peanuts, creamy avocados, and the sweet bite of ginger make for a dish that's full of complex flavors, yet easy to execute. Serve it on its own or with tofu for a vegetarian meal, or add grilled chicken, fish, or shrimp. —Farideh Sadeghin, test kitchen director Get the recipe for Brown Rice Salad with Avocado »

Luke Burgess modernizes the classic brunch cocktail with kimchi brine and sesame oil at his restaurant Garagistes. Get the recipe for Fermented Bloody Mary »

Folding cornflakes into the dough before baking gives simple chocolate cookies an addictive crunch. Get the recipe for Afghans »

A fragrant mix of oyster sauce, cilantro, and ginger pulls double duty here as both a marinade and dipping sauce for lamb rib chops. Get the recipe for Grilled Lamb Chops with Ginger Sauce »

This recipe for summer bolognese has the classic comfort of bolognese, but without the heaviness of a red sauce, instead embracing the summer's bounty of gorgeous tomatoes and fresh basil. Get the recipe for Summer Bolognese »

For this open-faced sandwich at Betsey Cafe, chef David Moyle uses the fish bones to make a flavorful stock, which is then used for poaching the fillets. Get the recipe for Open-Faced Rye, Poached Red Snapper, Pickled Radish, and Salsa Verde Sandwich »

The thing that differentiates this classic kiwi dessert from a meringue is the addition of vinegar: it helps give the outside a lovely crunchy shell, while the inside remains soft. Get the recipe for Tim Tam Pavlova »

Similar to applesauce served with pork, this recipe, adapted from chef Stuart Bell of Ten Minutes by Tractor restaurant in Mornington Peninsula, Australia, uses sweet, spiced quince to balance faintly gamy venison loin served atop a creamy shallot sauce. Get the recipe for Venison Loins with Shallot Sauce and Stewed Quince »

Caramelized onions, sweet ham, mozzarella, and fragrant rosemary combine in this flavorful pizza. Get the recipe for Ham and Caramelized Onion Pizza »

Likely named for a 19th-century governor of Queensland, the Lamington is now an Australian favorite. It's a cube of butter cake dipped in chocolate, then rolled in coconut flakes. Though some versions are filled with cream or jam, we purists believe the original is impossible to improve upon. —Fouad Kassab, author of thefoodblog.com.au Get the recipe for Lamingtons »

This New Zealand combination of flaky pastry, canary-yellow yolks, and salty bacon has cross-cultural appeal. Get the recipe for Bacon and Egg Pie »

Australia's Hundreds and Thousands sandwich, made with butter and sprinkles on toasted white bread, is a simple and unexpected dessert. Get the recipe for Hundreds and Thousands »