Japanese Sashimi and Rice (Chirashi)
Japanese Sashimi and Rice (Chirashi). Stacy Adimando

Some of our best seafood recipes are all about the raw fish. Sure, you can pan-fry some fish for a relatively easy weeknight dinner, but why not experience the joys of curing or flash-frying. From sushi and sashimi to ceviche and tartare, raw fish recipes have a rich texture and fresh, oceanic flavor. Sometimes, raw fish needs little more than a dash of soy sauce or a squeeze of lemon to taste complete. Just make sure to find the freshest fish you can and follow proper buying and storing practices. Better yet? Get to know your local fishmonger who may be able to help fillet your fish and get the exact cuts that you want. With your fish in hand, flip through our favorite raw fish recipes for the perfect “sushi” bowl, ceviche tostadas, and more.


Japanese Sashimi and Rice (Chirashi)

Japanese Sashimi and Rice (Chirashi)

Fijian Ceviche

Fijian Ceviche

Cured Fluke with Yogurt, Watermelon, Sunflower Seeds, and Togarashi

Breakfast, brunch, or snack, we could serve (and eat) this quick-cured, no-cook fish dish from John Karangis of Union Square Events, any time of day. It works exceptionally well as a summer starter, served with a savory lime yogurt and refreshing cubes of ripe watermelon, then sprinkled with flecks of shichimi togarashi: a spicy, tangy, earthy Japanese spice mix. Get the recipe Cured Fluke with Yogurt, Watermelon, Sunflower Seeds, and Togarashi »

Sea Bass Crudo

Lime juice adds zing to this simple crudo. Assemble it right before serving so the juice doesn’t cook the fish. Get the recipe for Sea Bass Crudo »

Tuna Tartare with Avocado

Associate test kitchen director Farideh Sadeghin relied on this elegant appetizer often when she worked as a private chef—it’s tasty, quick to prepare, and simple to plate. For best results, use the freshest tuna you can find. Get the recipe »

Baja Ceviche Tostadas

Baja Ceviche Tostadas

Salmon Tartare

A simple mix of soy sauce, mirin, and cilantro flavors meltingly tender salmon for an elegant appetizer that requires very little prep time. Get the recipe »

Soy-Marinated Tuna Bowl

This Japanese preparation showcases the rich flavor of tuna, a fish traded in abundance at Tsukiji wholesale seafood market. Get the recipe for Soy-Marinated Tuna Bowl »


Poke, a popular Hawaiian dish, is a mixture of cubed raw fish mixed with seaweed, chiles, and kukui nuts. This island favorite is wonderful quickly flash-fried as well. Be sure to use only the freshest fish. Get the recipe »