23 Spanish Recipes For Saffron-Laced Happiness

Get a taste of the Iberian Peninsula without ever leaving home

By SAVEUR Editors

Published on April 12, 2018

From grilled vegetables to hearty paellas to refreshing sangria recipes, Spain is home to many of Europe's great culinary treasures. Of course, there's nothing more quintessentially Spanish than authentic paella recipes—vibrantly spiced rice dishes with meat and/or seafood traditionally cooked in a shallow pan over an open flame. But you can capture the taste of Spain so many ways: saffron is a vital component, while tomatoes, garlic, and onion are all typical.

One of the most traditional protein combinations is rabbit and snails. Seafood paellas are also common—try our version with monkfish, squid, and langoustines. Spain has a rich tradition of chilled soups, like classic, summer-in-a-bowl gazpacho Andaluz—a no-cook soup of perfect, ripe in-season tomatoes, cucumber, garlic, and bread. Salmorejo is a close cousin of gazpacho—topping it with boiled eggs and jamon iberico gives it a savory richness.

Wines, including fortified wines and sherries, are the lifeblood of Spain, and don't forget about the wine cocktails. Sangria is a refreshing wine drink made with fruit, brandy, and seltzer. Kalimotxo is an incredibly simple wine cooler that sounds lowbrow but is totally delicious—it's a simple mix of dry red wine and cola. Find these dishes and more with our best Spanish recipes.

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