Fall Cocktails

It's official: Fall is here. The air is growing cool and crisp, and it's the perfect time to make a cocktail, hunker down, and watch the leaves turn. Whether you prefer a classic Manhattan or something a little unexpected, our fall cocktail guide has ideas for everything you need for the coming months of chilly evenings, autumn get-togethers, and holiday celebrations. Check out our favorite whiskeys for new bottles to add to your home bar, or browse our recipe archive for drink ideas—everything from whiskey-based punches to sweet-sour apple cocktails to the Spice Trade, a genever and persimmon concoction infused with anise and cardamom. We've even got a pumpkin cocktail for those fall pumpkin lovers out there. So grab your favorite sweater and get ready to sip your way through fall with these festive fall cocktails.

Fall Cocktails with Vodka

Pair with pomegranate or brandy; everything is good with vodka

Fall Cocktails with Bourbon

Mix your bourbon with fall flavors like pumpkin, chai, and maple

Fall Cocktails with Whiskey

Go classic with a Manhattan, or try something a little different

Fall Cocktails with Gin

These gin cocktails are perfect for fall

Bartender Tips & Tricks

Make every happy hour amazing with our bartender-approved cocktail techniques

Fall Cocktails with Rum

You'll be pleased as punch with these rum drinks